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Why You Need a Lawyer after an Accident


Many people involved in accidents are naturally focused on their injuries and getting better, so they don’t think about obtaining legal help. While all sorts of accidents can occur, from trips and falls to poisoning, motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common, with 4.4 million injured in car accidents in 2018, according to the National Safety Council.

Most car accident victims can benefit significantly from retaining a St. Louis personal injury lawyer, or an attorney specializing in personal injuries in whichever city they might reside.

Here’s why having the right attorney on your side after an accident matter.

Valuable Advice

Understandably, as the victim of a car crash, you’re shaken up, and you may be in pain too, which can make it even more difficult to go through the process of what’s required afterward. You probably have a lot of questions, such as who will pay for the damage to your vehicle and whose car insurance policy will cover medical bills related to your injuries. By obtaining a lawyer, you’ll have someone to turn to for all your questions, and receive invaluable advice on things you may not have considered at all.

Dealing with the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They will do everything they can to minimize paying out, even denying valid claims. Without the relevant experience negotiating with them, it can be incredibly challenging to receive the full value of your claim. Insurance adjusters often try to get car accident victims to make a statement that could affect their ability to recover the appropriate compensation. Having an experienced personal injury attorney can make all the difference. Your lawyer can handle all of the details of the claim for you, help you prepare a statement that’s carefully crafted to ensure you benefit, negotiate with the insurance adjuster, and represent your best interests so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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Collecting Evidence

One of the most important aspects of any claim is collecting evidence about what happened in the accident. It’s essential to determine who was negligent, and therefore, who is liable. While the driver should collect evidence at the scene whenever possible, serious injuries can prevent this. But whether you are seriously injured or have suffered minor injuries, the burden of proof will fall on you to prove the other party acted negligently. It also must be proved that their negligence is what caused the accident and your injuries. This is where a personal injury lawyer can be especially helpful as he or she will help you gather the necessary evidence as well as sort through it all to find what will be most useful in settlement negotiations and in court.

The Investigation

An accident reconstruction expert may be needed to determine how an accident occurred and who was at fault. With an experienced accident attorney at your side, they will have the appropriate resources needed to investigate the accident and ensure that you are fairly and fully compensated.


The majority of accident cases are settled through pretrial negotiations. Most victims have no experience in negotiating a settlement. Attempting to do so on their own often results in not being compensated properly or the case not settling. You’ll want to have a skilled negotiator fighting for your interests to be sure you receive the compensation you deserve to help pay for lost work time, pain and suffering, medical bills, damage to your vehicle and any other damages you might be entitled to.

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