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Why People Are Now Choosing To Wager Online And With Their Mobile Devices These Days


Sports betting has been around for a long time and it surely has gone through major improvements thanks to today’s technology. Betting has always been big in European countries and in Australia, but we can say that it’s just starting to grow in the United States.

The US has always had four states that accept sports bets from its residences despite the Professional and Amateur Sports Act of 1992. The states of Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware were not affected by PASPA since its legislation because of pre-existing laws that allow these states to regulate betting.

But since only four states allowed wagering that had to be onsite, many Americans are placing their bets offshore and unavoidably in the black market.

This changed, however, in May 2018. Thanks to the eagerness of New Jersey to regulate its own local betting industry, the Supreme Court of the United States ended striking down PASPA. This meant that all states are now allowed to decide on legalizing and regulating sports betting locally.

Since then, many states made a move towards its legislation. Among the first few states that immediately launched betting after the Supreme Court’s decision were New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Last year, more states launched betting like in New York. States like Illinois, Michigan, and Iowa just signed it into law. These states have yet to announce when betting will finally be legal in their territories. It’s likely that it will be around this year, but for some of these states, online or mobile betting will have to wait.

Speaking of mobile betting, this is becoming the main trend worldwide. Mobile technology is simply the future for many industries and it’s no different in sports betting. Many people would rather place their bets online than drive to a bookie or casino to do this.

Mobile users are now over 4.6 billion worldwide and the demand for mobile access to many products is ever increasing. This is why online bookies want to make sure that they are not left behind. The top and biggest online casinos and bookies out there have already released their apps for public use.

There’s really nothing special about the release of a brand’s own app as it’s become quite a necessity for brands to do this. What these app owners are really battling on is how usable their apps are. The features that they offer are what people are looking at.

BetWay is one of the biggest bookies out there. It has its own mobile app where its users can wager on sports like football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, Golf, Ice Hockey, cricket, and many more. It also offers casino games to its users. You can check the review of the Betway Mobile App by Betenemy to know which games are offered by this operator.

BetWay has been innovative with how they offer their services through an app. Its customers can not only place their bets on the app but also play their favorite casino games online. This is what mobile users are looking for.

The variety and additional features are getting the attention of many. People would rather download apps that are more useful to them. In terms of betting app developments, there are quite many. Aside from being able to play casino games, some apps are now offering live streams of the games as well.

People are now more willing to spend on live streams and the integration of this on mobile betting apps is just sensible as this will increase the accessibility of sports live streams worldwide. It may mean more revenues for the app owners too.

Betting is also becoming a social activity despite it going online. Most betting apps allow its users to connect their social media platforms to their accounts so that they can share their betting activities and sports updates to more people.

This also enables punters and their social media friends to keep track of each other’s betting activities. This can be fun and interactive for many.

While online betting is still done with laptops and desktop computers these days, it is still expected that the use of such devices will eventually be reduced. Mobile betting or betting through smartphones and tablets is what betting companies are investing in.

Mobile users are still expected to grow in the next few years and this could mean that more people will eventually place their bets with their mobile devices. Aside from smartphones, other mobile devices like smartwatches could also be a game-changer in the near future.

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