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Why Meme? How to Use Memes in Your Business


Memes are a creative and inexpensive way to engage with online demographics. They are fun, easy to create, and can potentially reach millions. So, why meme?

Here is everything you need to know about leveraging the power of memes in your marketing efforts.

Memes are Efficient and Scalable

Today, 69% of all Generation Z consumers take active measures to avoid advertisements. This means that a big chunk of advertising budget might be going towards ads that never reach their intended audience.

On the other hand, users share memes all the time because of their value. Memes can be humorous, funny, or informative. What all memes have in common is that users find them interesting enough to share.

This “sharability” of memes means that successful memes can reach billions of people at virtually zero cost. Apart from the initial, often trivial, cost of creating a meme and sharing it on social media, there are no other expenses involved.

Memes can be shared in seconds, and if they are interesting enough, users will keep sharing them over and over for free. In fact, memes are so efficient, that even the White House has used them to spread messages.

Memes are Easy to Create

Compared to conventional ads, memes are particularly easy and inexpensive to create. The fastest way to create a meme is memejacking. Memejacking involves taking an existing meme and adjusting it to your individual needs to create a new meme.

Even the White House “Success Kid” meme was a product of memejacking, so it’s a perfectly legitimate and acceptable technique.

If you want to create your own memes, you can’t go wrong with Adobe’s memes generator. This is perhaps the most powerful tool that’s responsible for thousands of critically successful memes. If you want an even more economical solution, you can try one of the numerous instant-meme sites, including:

  • Mematic
  • Imgflip
  • Memes Creator (iOS exclusive)

You may want to design your own memes from scratch or have your creative department do it. Creating unique memes can be a hit or a miss, and it’s usually a miss. However, if you succeed, you may create a truly trendsetting meme!

Why Meme? Memes are Familiar and Relatable

What makes memes so powerful is that they are instantly relatable. People have probably seen similar memes, or even the same meme with different text. This creates a familiarity with memes, which you can leverage to expose your brand to new demographics.

So, if you want to expand brand visibility, pairing your brand message with a familiar meme is a good strategy. Your branded memes will work exactly like ads, but cost next to nothing and can be seen by millions!

Why meme? Now you know! If you want to leverage the power of memes, check out IntHow for more tech articles with a focus on objectivity and accuracy!

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