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Why Is Your Rose Gold Necklace Appear Faded?


If you ask what color is the hottest color now, the answer is the one and only one, that is rose gold. Because of its unique color, rose gold are fascinated by so many young people. But many people may have worries when buying that will rose gold appear faded? How to maintain rose gold in daily life? Today, we will tell you about how this rose gold will fade and what we can do when there is color loss.

First of all, we still have to come to know what is rose gold.

Rose gold is not an alloy that is worthless as some say. It is one of the 18k gold. 18k gold consists of 75% gold and other alloys. Because of the addition of different metals, 18k gold will appear in different colors. There are three common kinds of rose gold, which are 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold. The word gold 750 is usually marked on the 18k gold jewelry.

Rose gold has more copper content in the formula, so it is a reddish effect. Its hardness is higher than that of pure gold. Compared with traditional gold and platinum infinity necklace with names, it not only makes the color of colored stones more intense, but also reflects the exquisite and delicate metal materials, so it is now the most commonly used jewelry inlay material.

The chemical stability of rose gold is relatively good, and it will not easily appear discolored. In general, the discoloration of rose gold may be exposed to some chemical components. A more typical example is a rose gold necklace. Many people rarely take the necklace off. The necklace will be in contact with sweat on the skin for a long time. When making up, cosmetics and perfumes will be sprinkled on it by accident. When taking a bath, it will contact with shampoo shower gel and other bath products containing chemical ingredients. Over time, rose gold will appear slightly discolored due to long-term exposure to these substances.
Another possibility is that there is a small amount of rose gold on the market that is coated with rose gold on the basis of 18k yellow gold. When such jewelry is worn for a long time, or if it is in contact with hard objects, the color of the coating will be slightly peeled off, revealing the true color of the inside of 18k gold cheap custom jewelry , showing a yellowish effect, which seems to fade. This situation is not the case of buying fakes or quality problems, and the rose gold plating is generally hard and wear-resistant. It is not easy to discolor when wearing more attention.

Of course, we do not rule out that there are some unscrupulous merchants will use inferior materials to pretend to be 18k rose gold. Such fake materials may appear faded after a short period of wearing. Therefore, when buying jewelry, we must go to a regular jewelry store, don’t try to save a little but lose a lot because keen on gaining petty advantages.
In fact, the appearance of discoloration of rose gold is also normal. After fading, you can go directly to your dealer or the relevant professional jewelry agency for maintenance, and then re-clean the plating, so that it can restore the original rose gold luster. So don’t worry about the fading of rose gold, just choose the jewelry you like.

Here are some tips on how to maintain rose gold in your daily life, which can prevent the discoloration of rose gold to a certain extent. Just do these and you can save your rose gold without worrying that it will fade quickly.

1. Avoid smashing the jewelry. When do some cleanings at home, you should take off the K gold jewelry, because the liquid such as detergent will make the color of the K gold jewelry dim.
2. Jewelry wear for a long time will appear oily situation affects the luster of rose gold, so you need to clean the rose gold jewelry regularly. You can buy a bottle of jewelry cleaning solution and dip the jewelry in the lotion, gently wipe off the grease with a soft brush, and then rinse with water, and dry it.
3. Pay attention to the preservation environment of rose gold, avoid contacting with acid and alkali environment and chemicals, salt water and chlorine water will also damage rose gold jewelry. Do not wear rose gold jewelry to saunas, hot springs, swimming pools, etc.

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