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Why Is Minecraft The Most Popular Game?


There are many video games available online that every kid wants to play; some of them were played just for a while and to pass some time, but others made it to the top and came to be one of the most phenomenal video games across the globe.

One of them is an interactive video game in which characters are made from blocks and allows you to build or create your realistic world called Minecraft. This game became unprecedented from any of its competitions that toy manufacturers were forced to create recommended Minecraft toys suggested by die-hard fans worldwide.

But what is the reason why Minecraft became more popular than the rest of the video games online? Is it because of its graphics, mechanics, and famous characters? Or is it because of the goal that you need to achieve? To end the confusion, here are the reasons why Minecraft became one of the most popular video games worldwide.


Minecraft revolves around a three-dimensional world, and there are two modes that you can enter called Survival and Creative. The survival mode is more exciting than the other mode because you have to start from scratch, get your building blocks, and kill some animals to have food.

There are also other scary mobs called the Creepers, zombies, and other dangerous moving creatures that could hurt or kill you during the game. The Creative mode is much easier to play because supplies are already given to the player, and they have no requirements for breaking different kinds of blocks to make it as building supplies.

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Minecraft is popular because parents allow their kids to play the game. After all, it has less violence and is educational. You have to discover the rules yourself and explore the three-dimensional world. You have to learn how to survive independently and don’t rely on other players for earning points or completing levels to make progress.

You have to discover the rules yourself because there are no instructions given from the beginning. The game also enhances your children’s creativity in using different methods to build their own houses in unique designs.

There are no right or wrong structures, so their imagination is the limit. There are even houses with underground tunnels full of crystals and other unique stuff owned by the player. There are also some crystals and stones in the game that you cannot acquire easily.

An example of this is the Redstone, this stone is hard to find, and you need to explore every mine to find it. The Redstone dust can transmit power and make Redstone circuits. Without these Redstone circuits, you cannot operate lamps, doors, pistons, and other mechanical components.


In this game, you can either play alone or play it together with your friends online. Smartphones and tablets allow multiplayer options by having the same WiFi connection. They can also connect with thousands of players worldwide through the game’s global servers.

You can either battle other players or survive the Survival mode together. Build your team’s fortress and join forces together to create the most prominent house ever built. That is the game’s primary purpose, to allow players to build and explore together with their friends and meet virtually in their three-dimensional world.

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The Survival mode hits differently in this game because not only does it excite the players, it also gives thrill and suspense to them through the presence of other dangerous and scary characters that could kill you during day or night time. These creatures can also destroy your houses and go inside, so you have to be alert all the time and defend your base. Players can also modify the game to add some new machines, blocks or give you some special powers to kill creepers and zombies lurking in the dark.


One of the features of this game that made it one of the best is because it has no rules, no boundaries, no limit of blocks, and the possibilities are endless. The game is simple, and it is to explore, build, and survive.

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