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Why Big Online Games Sites Are More Appealing For Obvious Reasons


There might be nothing in a casino easier and less risky than playing slot games. Which would explain why a vast majority of players will choose them over any other game type. However, even among slots, there’s a whole lot of variety. With different players having their own unique preferences in themes, features and even the size of the jackpots.

Experienced slot players understand that the bigger the jackpot doesn’t necessarily mean a better game. Unless of course, you end up winning that massive jackpot. In every other scenario, the size of the jackpot can have a big impact on the variance of the game. Meaning, that if they don’t pay out that often, the jackpots on progressives are bound to become larger and larger.

Regular Slots

Most of the games you’ll find at big casinos, even online ones like 1xbet NZ, can be categorized as regular slot games. These are the classic favourites that have millions of fans all over the world. Although you might think of them as the standard, classic games, regular slots actual come in a very wide variety. With games comprising of just about every imaginable theme and some pretty interesting features as well.

The only thing that ties these games together is the base rules and setup. In every other regard they are as varied and fun as can be. Regular slots may not have the same huge jackpots tied to them as jackpot slots. But they do pay out frequently from the Return to Player rates which are often very impressive. Moreover, regular slots can be even more volatile, because they do not reserve a certain amount to go into the main jackpot.

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Jackpot Slots 

Big jackpot slot games are more appealing for obvious reasons. These are the game type that no casino would be complete without at least a few on offer. Players love them, because they offer the chance to collect a sizeable jackpot if you get lucky enough to hit the winning combination.

Often, these jackpots grow to millions of dollars before they are paid out, making the winners instantly wealthy. The only problem is that since the variance is higher, this means that your odds of winning are much lower.

Most people are familiar with the term progressive jackpot. Which is a game that can have practically a limitless jackpot that grows according to how many people are playing it. These days, most casinos have a network of progressives in which more than one game contributes toward this grand prize. Allowing it to grow even faster and pay off bigger in a shorter amount of time. Which is why you will see million-dollar jackpots being won pretty much daily online and in traditional casinos.


There isn’t exactly a clear-cut answer as to which type of slot game is best. It largely depends on who is playing, what their expectations are and how long they intend to play. Some players would rather spin the reels for a chance to win a massive amount of cash. While others are perfectly content with smaller wins over a certain period.

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