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Men Vs. Women: Who Manages And Leads The Team Better?


We have entered an entirely different world with immense competition between men and women. Unlike old times, women are more confident and ready to face challenges now. You can find women working in all fields and domains of life such as healthcare, teaching, technology, engineering, business, space, sports, entertainment, etc. The concept of living life has tremendously changed. Because women have stepped out of their homes to change their lives, earn money, learn and educate, and find solutions to their problems, it is not the same man’s world anymore.

Particular leadership characteristics and managerial qualities are essential for a remarkable work profile. Both men and women compete to prove themselves better than one another. Men are leading many kinds of organizations, but it doesn’t directly relate to women’s incapability to lead or rule. Women are also performing extraordinarily.

Personality Traits: 

A person’s personality plays a vital role in determining his abilities to execute a plan or supervise some projects. Generally, we have seen that men are ruling the companies as the heads and CEO. Their personalities are acceptable by workers and colleagues, due to which they achieve that high level of leadership. It doesn’t reflect women’s incapability to manage tasks or work as leaders, and the fact is women don’t get this chance to show their outstanding leadership skills. Many studies and surveys have shown that women possess excellent leadership traits than men do. Besides the quality of managing work or profession, tolerance and patience play a key role in polishing your image.

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Some people are born leaders because they get blessed with innate leadership qualities. In contrast, others have to learn different strategies to become proficient and efficient leaders. If you want to learn more about leadership skills and implement them for career growth and development, an online masters in management and leadership will be a perfect option. It can teach you quick and valuable ways to become a well-known leader.

People’s Perception Of A Leader: 

One of the essential qualities of a good leader is that he or she struggles for the best likely result for everyone in the team, not just by himself. People come from variable atmospheres and backgrounds. They all have their perception of a leader. Some might think of a good leader as soft-spoken and cooperative, while others might believe that an effective leader should be strict and stern. So, it is all about people’s mindset and their expectations. If we look around, we have thousands of examples depicting gender discrimination at different levels. People assume that women are soft-hearted and emotional. So, they fail to perform as true leaders because they get carried away by people’s needs and demands.

However, it is not the case; women are kind-hearted and soft, but these traits are not their weakness. They make them more empathetic towards people and create true feelings of dedication and care. On many occasions, people complain about rude and harsh leaders because they disrespect and insult them. Nobody likes a rough leader who is incapable of understanding people’s feelings. Hence people’s view of a leader is crucial as it serves as a guide for them to choose a leader. Because men are serving as leaders and managers worldwide, people tend to believe that only they can handle such a job.

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Men Know Their Job: 

Men are born leaders, not in all cases but as a general rule of thumb because our societies are better at accepting men as figureheads and supervisors. They move around with confidence and assurance because they are the leaders in every walk of life. Men indeed meet the criteria of becoming an influential leader in multiple ways. Men are strong, task-oriented, and technical, possess masculine traits, rational thinkers, have more IQ, and many more. They make reasonable decisions without any emotional pressure; they are physically stronger than women to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They know how to convince people to follow their instructions and regulations. They better adapt to circumstances and changes. Adaptability is a factor that decides the success and prosperity of a leader, and men can adapt to evolutions and shifts faster than women do.

On the other hand, men have the right rulers, owing to their more robust built. Their unique trait is to cope with emergencies with a calm mind and their natural gift of compartmentalizing emotions and facts separately. In a study conducted by Janet Lever, it was an observation that men are ideal as bosses over men and women, both by men and women. Women are more inclined towards men being in authoritative positions over them, more as compared to women. There is a whole array of reasons why this could be the case.

Women in the field of leadership

Women face quite different reviews and challenges in the field of leadership. Because they contrast with what men do or implement, it becomes hard for people to accept them as leaders. A new study reports that countries run by women have faced half as many deaths as governed by men. We have outstanding examples of women as leaders worldwide, such as the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, Angela Markel, chancellor of Germany, and Vice President of US Kamala Harris. These women are at the topmost position of governance and leadership.

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Because of their hard work, perseverance, good intentions, supportive nature, apprehension, enlightened visions, and mindful and sensible decisions, they achieved this high level. Women have refined intellectual and cultural beliefs that motivate them to work as a team to grow and progress.

The empathetic and interpersonal approach has worked wonders in protecting people and realizing that public health considerations are more important. This emotional touch to a woman’s rule probably lacks when men are in authoritative positions. Men can learn a few lessons from them.


This article has highlighted the commendable traits of both men and women. They retain excellent abilities and skills that make thousands of opportunities to work as leaders and managers.

The debate of who is better has been going on for as long as humans stepped on the earth. However, it is usually associated with men and viewed generally as a characteristic of leadership, precisely a very masculine trait. Recently, a debate has developed in the widespread educational literature over the probable actuality of a feminine leadership advantage. However, men are still in high numbers at top positions in the world.

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