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Magento vs Shopify – Which Is the Right Platform for You


Independent research projects and reviews receive partial funding from partner commissions at no additional cost. Many people find it difficult to choose Magento and Shopify. These are the most popular e-commerce platforms at the moment. A detailed analysis is presented in this article. Also, a lot of useful information is presented at the link:

Shopify is characterized by its ease of use in the process of building an online store. You need to pay a monthly fee, supporting both a developing project and a large one.

Magento is open source and available for free installation on your computer. But you need to pay about  10 dollars per month for web hosting. A high level of security is provided, extensions are similar to applications.

It is a strong platform, but without coding knowledge it will be difficult to achieve your goals. More suitable for enterprises with on-staff developers.

How do you know which is best for your online store? First, different e-commerce platforms were launched, scoring for each platform in each important category: value for money, sales tools, technical support, etc.

Magento and Shopify: pros and cons

Shopify Pros

  • can be sold on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and eBay;
  • dozens of responsive mobile themes, there are free options and a premium from $ 140;
  • a large selection in the application store to expand the functionality of the site.

Disadvantages of Shopify

  • transaction fees are charged, this is only a platform to provide your own fees
  • you can get carried away with the purchase of paid applications, as a result, a significant amount will be released.
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Magento benefits

  • there is a large community of users, on the forum you can always find an exhaustive answer to any question;
  • characterized by flexibility, for those who know how to code, there are no restrictions on creating an online store;
  • great for large and medium-sized businesses, advanced and great for companies that have their own developers or can afford to hire such specialists.

Disadvantages of Magento

  • it will be difficult for beginners to work here, since they need to know the coding language, as well as the jargon of web developers;
  • Complexity of installation, unlike other open source software, it is not easy to find a hosting provider that can support Magento.

Ease of use

If the platform is difficult to use, it will make it impossible to create the desired online store, and therefore negatively affect the brand image.

Shopify is much easier to use. It is a generic drag-and-drop constructor. This means that you can customize your store by moving items in any way you want. Suitable for users with different levels of technical capabilities. Magento is suitable for web developers. You will need to use code and professional jargon to create an online store or find a specialist who can make one.

Shopify is easier to use, but Magento is more flexible, it allows you to customize the store the way you want with code if you have the appropriate knowledge, but it is more difficult to use, so creating a website causes significant problems for most users.

The theme of the store is the basis of what customers will be able to see when they visit it. Almost half of people say that website design is the most important factor in influencing trust. With this in mind, you need to be responsible when choosing a template in order to impress a potential buyer and build trust.

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Shopyfy has 10 free themes and over 60 premium themes, ranging from $ 140 to $ 180, which is significantly cheaper than Magento.

Shopify is well adapted to mobile devices, which means that a store on this platform will look good on both a computer and a smartphone and tablet. This is important because about 79% of mobile phone users shop online.

After choosing a theme in Shopify, you can tweak different settings, add pages, change colors, change screen sizes, integrate social media feeds, and much more. This is done without working with code. For all questions, please contact our employees. We will help you make moving from Magento to Shopify.

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