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Which Is Better: A Website Or An App


On the one hand, mobile sites and applications have become part of our lives. But on the other hand, with the daily use of both, many do not understand how they differ and what is better. Our clients often ask the question: if there is a mobile version of the site, let’s say, then why make a new product completely from scratch and incur additional costs. Do you want to disassemble? We will help you!

Mobile Site

Let’s take a look at the mobile version of the site. What is it really? A mobile site is a responsive version of a site for mobile devices, i.e. it is the same site, but it looks good and is easy to use on tablets and smartphones.

Advantages of a Mobile Site:

Simple use

The site will be used by a much larger number of users due to the ease of transition, there is no need to do unnecessary actions. To use the app, you will need to install it. According to the statistics, a relatively large percentage of users will never install the application, even entering a store or marketplace.

The mobile site looks correct on all devices regardless of platform (Windows Phone, Apple, Android).

But the application will have to be developed separately for each.

The site is easy to update and all changes will immediately occur to the user.

It won’t work with an app. For the update to appear, even after the release, it takes time to check.

The cost of the mobile version is always several times cheaper than the application.

This is due to the complexity of the development. For the application to work on popular platforms, you will have to create it from scratch for each.

We reviewed the mobile site and its advantages, but do not rush to make a choice, let’s take a closer look at the capabilities of applications.

Mobile App

A mobile application is a software product that is installed by users through stores, marketplaces. Its main and distinctive feature is that the development is carried out for each platform separately. This is due to the difference in the functionality of operating systems and is necessary for the correct operation of applications.

Application Advantages:

With the application, you will always be in touch with users

You will be able to send push notifications. And also remind both about the application itself, in case the user has not entered the application for a long time, and about some important event. This function is not available on the site.

Application appearance

Often, sites are inferior to applications in terms of interface, tk. they are much more cumbersome. Therefore, it is quite difficult to fit them into a small screen. With the application, everything is easier.

Ease of use

It is quite simple and easy for users to understand the operation of the application than in the operation of the site, especially with a complex structure. After all, each platform has its own standard actions (for example, moving between application screens, calling menus, etc.).

Personal customization

Any application has the ability to remember user actions and adapt the application for him. For example, the user enters some data. In the future use of the application, you will no longer have to enter data.

Working with the application without using the Internet

You can always use the application even in offline mode. And this is a fairly weighty argument that sites do not have.

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