Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

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By Stuart Williams 18 Min Read

Hey there! You’ve probably heard tech experts and forward-thinkers claim that paper and printers are on their way out, right? They’re all about online tech, imagining a world where everything’s digital, with “paperless offices” and businesses running entirely in the cloud.

But let’s get real: we’ve definitely seen fewer printers around. With everyone connected to the internet pretty much everywhere, we don’t need to print stuff as often. Plus, not as many people have their own printer these days. And let’s face it, printers can feel kind of old-school. They can be tricky to use, and sometimes it feels like they haven’t caught up with the times.

However, it’s not like printed stuff has vanished. What’s changed is how we do things. More folks are using tablets and smartphones instead of having a big computer with a printer at home or work.

It’s not just businesses turning their backs on paper. Schools everywhere, from colleges to middle schools, are switching to digital. They’re using laptops and tablets in class instead of giving out paper handouts. And when it’s time to turn in homework, it’s all about emails, web apps, and digital dropboxes.

But here’s the twist: even with the big move to digital, there are still times when you just need a good old printer. Maybe you need to print documents, forms, proof of income, or something else important. I’m here to show you some awesome ways to get your printing done, even if you don’t have a printer sitting at your desk. Let’s dive in!

Where Can I Go To Print A Document?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer at home – there are plenty of places to print stuff, and it’s usually pretty easy to find one. Just a quick search online can point you in the right direction. Plus, there are tons of print-on-demand options all around you. Let’s explore some cool spots where you can get your documents printed.

1. Use The Library to Print Documents

Believe it or not, libraries are about more than just books! They’re open to everyone and are a fantastic place to print documents. Sure, most of us think of libraries as places to borrow books or maybe even DVDs. But libraries offer a whole bunch of other services too, including printing and computer access.

Not sure if your local library has printers? Just do a quick Google search to find the nearest library, then check out their website. They’ll usually have a section about services or computer access. Or, you can give them a call. Many libraries provide computers for people who don’t have access to one at home. Often, you can use these computers for free, and sometimes you don’t even need a library card.

Printing at a library might cost a little, but it’s usually super cheap per page. For instance, if you’re printing a five-page document in black and white, it’ll probably cost you less than a dollar. But remember to check with the library first. Some libraries let you print from your phone or laptop, while others might require you to use their computers.

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Fun Fact About Libraries: A lot of libraries offer cool extras like scanning and faxing services for a small fee. And guess what? Some even have 3D printers! These are usually part of special programs where you might have to take a class or show you know how to use the tech before you can access these fancy machines.

For College Students: If you’re studying at a college or university, your campus library is a great place to print. Most of the time, your tuition includes a printing quota, so you can print documents without extra cost. And the best part? There are usually no limits on what you can print. Need to print an essay for class or a return label for that online purchase? You’re all set. Even if you’re not a student, many college libraries let you use their printers for a small fee.

2. Use Copy and Print Stores to Print Documents

Here’s another option: copy and print stores. Sure, they’re becoming a bit rarer these days, but they’re still out there. These stores are all about providing copy and print services, plus they usually have all sorts of paper-related supplies. And we’re not talking about big chain stores like “The UPS Store” or “FedEx.” These are often small, locally-owned shops you can find in cities and suburbs across the United States.

To find one of these stores, just do a quick Google search for copy and print stores near you. Keep in mind, your search might also show some other types of businesses that offer printing, but we’re focusing on the dedicated copy and print places here.

The cool thing about these shops is that they’re really focused on meeting your printing needs, whatever they may be. Need a special kind of paper or a particular printing service? They’ve probably got you covered. The downside? Well, because they’re specialized, their prices might be a bit higher than other options. But if you need something specific or just prefer that local touch, these stores are definitely worth checking out.

3. Use Shipping Stores to Print Documents

You know those places where you drop off your Amazon returns or send holiday gifts? Places like The UPS Store or FedEx? Well, they’re not just for shipping. They actually offer a bunch of office services, including printing. This can be super handy if you need to print something quickly before work or school. Let’s dive into what these stores offer for printing services.

3.1 Printing at The UPS Store

The UPS Store is a big name with over 5,000 locations in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. They offer a bunch of copy and print services. You can get copies, printouts in black and white or color, choose between single-sided or double-sided, and pick from various page sizes. Need something fancy like lamination or binding for a report or essay? They’ve got that too.

You can even upload your documents online and get an estimate of how much it’ll cost to print. The turnaround time is usually pretty quick for small documents. Price-wise, it’s competitive. Our test showed color prints at about 40 cents per page and black-and-white for 15 cents. But prices can vary, so it’s a good idea to call your local UPS Store for the latest rates. They support a bunch of file types, including PDF, .doc, .jpeg, and even files from programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.

3.2 Printing At FedEx Office Stores

FedEx, with their FedEx Office stores (you might remember them as Kinko’s), is another big player. They have over 2,000 locations worldwide. If you’re close to a FedEx Office, they offer similar services to The UPS Store. You can pick up your documents or have them shipped to you (though shipping adds extra cost).

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Uploading documents to FedEx is easy, and they support various file types, including uploads from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. The downside? It can be a bit pricier. In our test, a one-page black-and-white document cost nearly 70 cents – more than what UPS charged. But prices can change based on where you are and other factors, so check with your local FedEx Office for their rates. If you have a FedEx Office but no UPS Store nearby, that might make your choice for you.

Apart from these two big names, it’s worth checking out local shipping companies. Sometimes, smaller, locally-owned businesses also offer printing and copying services, so they’re definitely worth a look!

4. Use Apartment and Hotel Service Centers or Offices to Print Documents

Did you know that many hotels and apartment complexes have business service centers? These places often offer services like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing, usually for their residents or guests.

If you’re at a hotel, sometimes the staff are happy to help out with a quick print job, even if you’re not a guest – just ask nicely! For those living in apartment complexes, even if there isn’t a dedicated business center, the rental office staff might be willing to print a document for you occasionally. It’s always worth asking!

5. Use Office Supply Retail Stores to Print Documents

Big office supply stores are another great option for printing. Stores like Office Depot, OfficeMax (part of Office Depot), and Staples aren’t just for buying paper and printers; they offer a variety of printing services that could be exactly what you need.

5.1 Printing at Office Depot/OfficeMax

Office Depot can get your documents printed the same day if you order before 2 PM on a business day. They even have mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you can upload documents without needing a computer.

Their prices are pretty competitive. In our experience, a double-sided black-and-white page cost just 9 cents, which is cheaper than some libraries. Color pages are also affordable at 42 cents each for double-sided printing. You can find an OfficeMax or Office Depot near you, or choose to have your prints shipped for an extra cost.

While we’re focusing on documents here, it’s worth mentioning that Office Depot can print a variety of other projects too.

5.2 Printing At Staples

Staples is another great choice, with online document uploading for either pickup or shipping. Their prices are similar to their competitors, at around 10 cents per page for black and white, and about 50 cents for color. Again, it’s best to call them for the most current pricing.

The Staples web app is user-friendly, and you can usually pick up your printouts within a few hours of submitting them. This makes it a convenient option for quick and easy printing.

6. Use Online Print Stores to Print Documents

If you’re not in a hurry and don’t need to pick up your prints right away, online print stores are a great option. Companies like Office Depot and FedEx can ship your documents, and often online stores offer competitive prices, sometimes even with free shipping.

Online print shops are particularly useful for big projects. For instance, if you need hundreds of copies, buying through an online shop can be cost-effective. You might spend a chunk of money upfront, but per copy, it’ll just be a few cents, thanks to bulk pricing. However, for just a single copy of something, it’s better to look elsewhere.

7. Use Pharmacies and Drug Stores to Print Documents

You might be surprised to know that many pharmacies and drug stores offer more than just photo printing – they can handle document printing and copying too. This can be a quick and convenient option, especially if you have a pharmacy close by.

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7.1 Printing at CVS

CVS, one of the largest drugstore chains in the U.S., offers copy and print services at over 3,400 of its stores. However, not all stores have both photo and document printing services, so it’s a good idea to call your local CVS to check.

To print at CVS, look for the Kodak kiosk in the store. You’ll need to bring a USB drive with your document on it. The kiosk lets you choose color options and whether you want single or double-sided prints. Since it’s all done in-store, there’s no need to worry about picking up your prints later.

But keep in mind, printing at CVS can be more expensive than other options. We found that black and white prints are 19 cents per single-sided page and 38 cents for double-sided. Color prints are pricier, at 99 cents for single-sided and $1.98 for double-sided. These rates can vary by location, so it’s best to call ahead for current pricing. The quality of the printouts is high, which might justify the cost for certain needs. If you’re in a pinch and have a CVS nearby, it could be the fastest solution for your printing needs.

8. Use PrintSpots Online Directory to Print Docs while Travelling

For travelers, the PrintSpots directory is a fantastic resource. It’s especially useful if you’re not familiar with the area you’re in or if you don’t have time to call around to find a printing spot. This directory mainly lists hotels and libraries, but it’s super handy because it puts all the information you need in one place. These listings show locations that offer PrinterOn Inc. services, making it easier for you to print documents while on the move.

9. Use a Bank to Print Documents

Here’s a tip that might surprise you: your local bank could be a lifesaver when you need a quick printout. Alongside services like notarization, some bank employees might be willing to print a few pages for you. It’s not guaranteed, as bank staff are often busy, but it’s not uncommon either. Considering you’re a customer, it doesn’t hurt to ask. They might charge you for the service, but if you’re in a crunch and need something printed fast, your bank could be the solution.

Wrapping Up: Finding the Right Printing Solution for You

So, we’ve talked about a bunch of different ways to print your documents, but remember, not every option will fit your needs. Maybe there’s no office supply store close to you, or your local pharmacy doesn’t do document printing. And if you need something printed today, online print stores won’t be much help because they can take a while to deliver.

But don’t worry! Just because one or two of these ideas don’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you’re out of options. One really great choice is your local library. They usually have fair prices, and you can get your printing done on the spot. Most libraries have printers for their community, so you’re likely covered if you’re near one.

If you’re in a suburb or a big city and don’t have a library close by, there are still plenty of choices. You could go to a shipping store like The UPS Store, an office supply store like Office Depot, or even a pharmacy like CVS. All of these places can help you get your documents printed without too much hassle. The key is to find what works best for you and your situation. Happy printing!

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