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When Will Mobile Betting Be Available In The State of New York?


New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has released his 2020 to 2021 budget proposal recently and many people who have been waiting for the push of local mobile betting were quite disappointed. There was no mention of mobile betting in the said proposal.

What was mentioned regarding betting is that people will be allowed to wager on sports outside upstate casino lounges but still within the casino property. It remains unclear as to how that will turn out, but people are guessing that kiosks will be set up within the casino properties.

While this is still considered as an improvement for New York’s betting industry, it’s still not enough to help the state get the revenue it is hoping to get from betting. Many were hoping that Cuomo will still include mobile betting in the final budget in April.

Senator Joseph Addabbo who sponsored the betting bill did include mobile betting in his proposal but it just wasn’t brought up during the assembly. After Cuomo’s recent budget release, Addabbo shared his thoughts about mobile betting.

He said, “We have until March to convince the governor that mobile sports gambling should be in our state. We can introduce a separate bill, but it’s much more likely if it goes in the budget.”

Going mobile is now seen as the future of many industries and this includes the betting industry. The majority of the revenue that the global gambling industry is getting is from mobile devices. It’s no secret that people would now rather do things with their mobile devices or smartphones and tablets.

The biggest and top casinos and bookies now have mobile apps for their customers. BetFair is one of the leading in the industry and it has a user-friendly app available to download online. Players and punters can check the Betfair App Guide by SilentBet to check what features the app offers.

This is one of the apps out there that keep up with the demands of mobile users. Many mobile punters are after multiple features these days. Some apps already have live streaming services available and enables punters to be social while placing their bets.

With all the improvements that betting apps are implementing, it’s only expected that more people will just download betting apps rather than place their bets with their laptops and computers online.

For now, New Yorkers are still placing their bets online, but only outside the state with their mobile devices. New Jersey is the hot spot for these New York online punters. They would rather ride the train and hop off a New Jersey station to place bets with their phones rather than drive upstate to place their bets in land casinos.

Cuomo didn’t really say anything about why he’s not pushing for mobile betting yet. He just hasn’t talked about it, but some believe that his statement was veered towards mobile betting supporters.

Cuomo said, “There are no gimmicks. There’s no new casino revenue. This is not the time to come up with creative although irresponsible revenue sources to solve a problem which doesn’t really exist.”

Some people believe that Cuomo still sees mobile betting as an irresponsible way to come up with additional resources for New York to gain more revenues this year. New York is still facing a deficit of 6 billion US dollars. While mobile betting may not be the only solution, it is still missing a lot of revenue with its absence.

Definitely, the lack of mobile betting in the state is what’s making it hard for it to earn as much as other states are earning from taking bets on sporting events. In December of last year, New York only made $740,418 in betting revenue.

This is very different compared to how much New Jersey is making. In the same month, New Jersey was able to bring in 28.4 million US dollars of bets and around 90 percent of this are from mobile or online betting.

Senator Addabbo is still hopeful that Cuomo will change his mind regarding mobile betting. He said, “I am hopeful that mobile sports betting is on a similar road as some other issues, such as paid family leave and medical marijuana, which were initially rejected by the governor. Fortunately, these initiatives are now in place to benefit the people of our state, as would mobile sports betting. I look forward to working with the governor’s administration, the state legislative leadership, and my colleagues on this matter during budget negotiations.”

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