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What to Look for in a Gaming Chair in 2022


Gaming chairs are a must-have when it comes to any gamer’s arsenal of gaming equipment. They’re the throne on which you get to enjoy the best PC or console games around. But if you’re just starting and want to buy a gaming chair, what qualities should you look for? Read on!

Types of Gaming Chairs

Before learning about the qualities to look for in a gaming chair, know that there are many types of gaming chairs. Generally, they’re categorized into four broad types:

Console Gaming Chair

If you’re a console gamer, console chairs are perfect. These chairs accommodate a more laid-back position when using controller pads. Compared with desktop gaming chairs, console chairs come in a wider range of sizes and shapes.

PC Gaming Chair

PC gaming chairs are among the most durable gaming chairs around. They’re meant to use with desktops, making them siblings to office chairs. They’re designed with maximum sitting comfort in mind, and they often come with swivel functionality and armrests for wrist support.

Racing Simulator Chairs

As the name suggests, these chairs are perfect for fans of racing and car games. They’re high-end gaming chairs built to provide a realistic driving experience. They often come with racing game accessories such as a wheel, gear stick, and pedals.


Comfort should be your top consideration when buying a gaming chair. Ergonomic gaming chairs should enhance comfort and maintain physical wellness. The most common ergonomic features include adjustable armrests, lumbar support pads, and headrests. These help you maintain the perfect posture for long gaming marathons. Specifically, lumbar support is crucial in preventing short-term and chronic back pains.

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Gaming chairs are made of various materials. The most common of them are:

  • Leather: real leather is made of animal rawhide, and it’s far more durable than other materials. It’s great for absorbing and releasing moisture as well as keeping the chair cooler.
  • PU Leather: this is a synthetic material that uses split leather. It’s not durable as genuine leather, but it’s more breathable than PVC, another form of synthetic leather.
  • PVC Leather: PVC leather consists of a base material coated in PVC and additives that make the material softer and more flexible. Its best qualities include stain and water resistance. They’re also a lot more budget-friendly than gaming chairs with real and PU leather.
  • Fabric: fabric gaming chairs are more breathable than leather chairs. On the flip side, fabric chairs are less resistant to water and other liquids. They’re softer than leather but also less durable.
  • Mesh: Mesh is the most breathable material for gaming chairs. It’s exceptionally cool and comfortable, but it’s also less durable in the long run and more difficult to clean.

Tech Features

Depending on your gaming needs, you might also want a gaming chair with tech features like Bluetooth ports, subwoofers, and vibration capabilities. Other chairs have built-in storage for controllers and even food. Pop-out footrests are also in demand, although they can obstruct foot movement for racing game fans.


Gaming chairs have varying sizes in terms of height and weight capabilities. Overlooking this quality can be detrimental to your gaming enjoyment. Generally, gaming chairs have two broad size categories:

  • Big and Tall: these are heavy-duty chairs that can handle up to 500 pounds, depending on the model.
  • Small: if you have smaller body types, these gaming chairs are better than full-sized ones.
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Good gaming chairs aren’t cheap — they can easily cost hundreds of dollars. However, the high price tag is mainly because of the added features you can enjoy. If you’re on a tight budget, list down the features that you actually need and cross out the ones that you can do without. This can lower the overall price you’ll pay for the chair.

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