What To Expect From The Updated Samsung SmartTag Later This Year

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what to expect from updated samsung smarttag

Samsung’s entry into the object-tracking industry began with the SmartTag they introduced in 2021. While the product has made life easier for many buyers, others remain unsatisfied with the tracker’s features. So, Samsung’s announcement of releasing an updated tag version comes as good news.

There hasn’t been any official take on what features and improvements you can expect from this new and improved tag. However, we can assume that some core features will undergo enhancements.

Let’s find out together with Shoppok, what to expect.

The Samsung SmartTag: Quick Overview

Here’s a short breakdown of the SmartTag for those of us who haven’t checked out this device yet.

The Samsung SmartTag is, essentially, a compact tracking device that you can attach to anything and use your phone to locate the out-of-sight item through GPS or Bluetooth.

You may attach it to belongings you often misplace or find hard to locate. Typical items include luggage, car keys, wallets, etc. Pet owners may clip it against dog collars to allow easier tracking of pets during walks.

Why Is Samsung Releasing An Updated SmartTag

Samsung introduced the original SmartTag back in January 2021. Ever since then, sales and popularity of the device have been erratic. Some seasons experience increased sales, but it’s not as popular during other times of the year.

Right now, the market for intelligent tracking devices is dominated by Apple’s AirTag. The AirTag remains incredibly affordable and highly efficient and blends in seamlessly with other Apple hardware. These qualities make it a favorite for anyone seeking to buy tracking devices.

Naturally, Samsung probably wants to capture a more significant share of this particular market. Their SmartTag sales haven’t been super impressive. So, improvements in overall features and strategic enhancements will make it a worthy alternative to AirTag.

Also, Samsung has gone a full two years without any upgrades or updates for their SmartTag. The tech industry keeps growing exponentially. And new devices can become obsolete within the first year if better devices come along. So, updating their smart tracker is long overdue for Samsung’s developers.

Possible Improvements and Updates

Tons of upgrades can go into the SmartTag. However, the developers and engineers must keep the device small and compact. That means all possible features cannot fit inside the small casing yet. So, Samsung may stick to essential upgrades that add value to the existing tracker.

We do not know for sure what upgrades will come with the new release. But here are some areas that will surely make it more practical and valuable.

Wireless Range

The Samsung SmartTag already comes with a decent range, given its size and design.

The built-in ultra-wideband technology allows it to respond to your phone’s prompts even if the item is not visible. The Bluetooth function will allow tracking up to 120 feet, provided that there are no obstructions in between. However, this range decreases in crowded areas or spaces where there are too many obstacles.

A good way to enhance the new SmartTag would be to increase the tracker’s effective range. A boost in range would mean that more users prefer this one over other trackers.

Beeping Volume

The Samsung SmartTag puts out a beeping sound when you try to locate the tracker. This beep allows users to find the misplaced item audibly, even if it’s hidden under other items.

However, users have complained about the volume not being loud enough in some instances. For example, your tracker may be buried deep under piles of clothes in a suitcase. And this depth may make it harder to hear if your luggage is hidden under tons of other bags.

Increasing the beeping volume would allow users to find the tracker even if the sound is muffled by fabric or clothes.

Enhanced Security

The SmartTag has an impressive security feature already. The “Private ID” is Samsung’s proprietary technology that ensures that your device’s unique ID is preserved and maintained.

This ID gets changed randomly in specific intervals. So your Bluetooth signal is not misused or interfered with by other signals or users.

However, changing technology implies that security features in these devices have to improve constantly. So, Samsung can explore options of adding more detailed security specs to keep up with the times.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that the current SmartTag is vulnerable to hacks or misuse. But enhancing the device’s security will ease a lot of minds which influences buyers’ decisions too.

Battery Life

The SmartTag’s battery is designed to last for long periods. The single Coin Cell battery comes packed with power and can run the tracker for almost 300 days, according to Samsung.

But this duration is a best-case scenario example. Continuous usage will drain battery life, and you may have to look for replacements in a few months. Users will love the idea of having the battery last for the whole year, even with daily use.

This upgrade may require more advanced battery technology instead of the conventional coin cell. However, it also risks making the device bulkier and heavier.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Right now, the SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung smartphones. And this is unlikely to change because Samsung will want to retain proprietary rights and create a technology ecosystem around its other devices.

However, making the tracker compatible with other phones will make it accessible to the wider market. So, it’s an upgrade worth making if they wish to ramp up sales and reach out to the average consumer.

But it’s not an issue if you’re a user who owns a wide range of Samsung products. Even now, you can use the tracker as a remote button for specific controls on your Samsung TV or turn off Samsung lights.

So, compatibility is not an area of complaint for users who enjoy Samsung’s ecosystem of digital products and smart devices.

Closing Note

Samsung officials mentioned that the updated SmartTag might be released during the third quarter of this year.

With these added enhancements and improvements, the Galaxy SmartTag will emerge as a top competitor among tracking devices available today.

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