What Matters the Most in Antivirus Software Selection

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what matters most in antivirus software selection

You want to surf the web as is your right, but you’d also want to do it safely. You may have heard a multitude of reports where friends, celebrities, and even major IT companies get hacked, and you’re understandably worried about whether this could happen to you. Well, that’s where antivirus systems come in. They’re the one shield of protection against the numerous risks on the internet.

However, most users don’t know which antivirus to choose. All of them promise roughly the same things, and you don’t know which one to zero in on because you don’t have any parameters to judge an antivirus before buying. But, resources like an honest ScanGuard review are a good place to start. Let’s look at some things you should focus for when picking an antivirus.

Free Trial

Many reliable antivirus providers are confident enough in their software to provide a free trial. This is usually a good sign, even if the trial will not let you access all the functions. You can try out the antivirus and see how comfortable you are with it before you make a purchase.

Real-Time Scans

Some antivirus programs operate on vigilance rather than reaction. This means that they continuously run scans and checks in the background even when no suspicious activity occurs. These antivirus systems do the worrying for you, and they can even provide you with a system report to identify problems that aren’t virus-related.

Operating System

While it may seem redundant, it is crucial to check if the antivirus you are considering is compatible with your system. Operating systems have multiple versions and so do the antivirus. If you end up buying a version that doesn’t support your version or even your platform, then you’ve pretty much thrown that money down the drain.

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A common complaint with antivirus systems in the early 2000s was how much they’d slow down your system. Believe it or not, there are antivirus systems that still have this problem. Check peer reviews and run a trial to see if the antivirus is slowing your system down. Remember, an antivirus should make your life easier, not cumbersome.

Email Scans

If you go for an antivirus that protects your system but not your email, then you’re making an unwise decision. Your email is a gateway for malware and phishing, and you’re often closer to one than you realize. Any antivirus you purchase must include email scanning to extend your protection beyond your system.


A significant risk from the internet is malware infiltration. They can enter your system from merely browsing a website or closing an ad, and you’d never know until it’s too late. A reliable antivirus will always come with the detection of malware. This is because they are specifically programmed to detect and notify any potential malware even while you browse.


Merely knowing which websites to avoid doesn’t help. If you’ve downloaded the software or even a file sent by a friend, it can have a whole host of viruses that are just waiting to explode once opened. A trusted antivirus will detect these problems even before you start downloading and insist on scanning the file before downloading.

Privacy Policy

It is not surprising that many antivirus providers tend to collect and share your browsing data with third parties. This is a staple of major service providers, and antivirus providers are the same. But some companies tend to give you an extra layer of privacy by not sharing your data. Always check the privacy policy of any antivirus you are considering.

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When it comes to antivirus software, the price is extremely malleable. A very expensive antivirus that provides a whole host of options may sound good on paper, but it’s unnecessary for you in reality. Unless you’re a programmer or an enterprise, you don’t need all the additional features that expensive software provides. Look for an option that is cost-effective while giving you sufficient protection.


Most antivirus programs come as one-time payment deals, but that’s not always the case. Many big players provide antivirus protection on a subscription basis, which means you’d have to pay monthly or yearly. Look carefully at the type of package you are going for; otherwise, you’ll be in for a surprise when additional fees start showing up. You must consider which option is the most cost-friendly and gets the job done.

Moving Forward

The ScanGuard review shows that many users are confused and overwhelmed by the number of choices they have when choosing antivirus protection. Keep these points in mind, and you’ll have a much easier time picking the right software.

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