What Makes Laravel Framework The Top Choice For PHP Development

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what makes laravel framework top choice for php development

1,409,690 known websites are using Laravel today. Almost 2% of the top one million websites use Laravel. A 2020 survey suggested that 50% of PHP developers said they regularly use Laravel. This naturally raises questions.

  • Why is Laravel so popular among webmasters?
  • Why is Laravel so popular among PHP developers?
  • And what makes Laravel the top choice for PHP development projects?
  • Is it capitalist propaganda to let the people behind the Laravel framework become millionaires?

Well, that cannot be true because the Laravel framework is available for free.

That means: the popularity of Laravel for PHP development stems from its features.

Let us take a look at the top reasons that make Laravel the go-to choice for PHP development.

15 qualities that make Laravel an ideal choice for PHP development

#1 Safe and secure

Laravel uses Bcrypt hashing (salted and hashed) for storing user passwords. It has built-in Login and Register controller classes. And Laravel’s pre-enabled tools make it safe from injections, XSS attacks, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. This makes Laravel a highly secure framework. And that is even without the need for complex security coding.

#2 Cost-effective

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. So if you choose it for your next project, you will not have to shell out extra money for it. Plus, there are a wide number of Laravel developers available in the market. So, finding a suitable expert at a decent cost won’t also be tough. Make sure you don’t accidentally hire inexperienced professionals, though.

#3 Database migration

All developers face the challenge of keeping databases in sync between development machines. Laravel helps bypass this key challenge in PHP development. Laravel comes with database migration features that allow changes while migration. It also does not need database recreation for every change. And all this also reduces the chances of development data loss during migration.

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#4 Packages are automatically discovered

Before Laravel 5.5 there was no option for automatically discovering the installed packages. Setting up aliases or providers for packages was tedious for developers. But Laravel 5.5 comes with an Automated Package Discovery function. It automates package discovery and saves time and effort.

#5 Object-oriented libraries

Laravel is the only framework that comes with pre-installed object-oriented libraries. These libraries help developers leverage specific features in a simpler and quicker manner.

#6 Artisan commands

Laravel comes with a built-in tool called Artisan. It is a command-line Graphic User Interface (GUI). With Artisan, developers can create simple commands for routine activities. This removes the need for tedious and repetitive manual programming. With Artisan, developers can generate models, controllers, and more with a fraction of the regular effort.

#7 Blade template engine

The Blade template engine in the Laravel framework is among its most loved features. It is a highly intuitive templating engine that lets developers work with PHP/HTML spaghetti. Further, it makes the task effortless for developers. Also, Blade comes with lightweight in-built templates, which are a definite plus.

#8 Shorter time to market

The Laravel framework works on a modular basis. This makes performing everyday tasks easier. This is because several pre-built features and structures work on PHP principles. This further reduces the time to market for Laravel-backed solutions. And faster project delivery always proves to be economical.

#9 Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM)

Eloquent is the ORM used in Laravel, which simplifies creating relations between tables. This is important while interlinking items and it helps get data faster.

#10 MVC architecture

The Model-View-Controller-based architecture of the Laravel framework makes it a great choice for web development. This is because, with the MVC architecture, there is clarity between logic and presentation. And this clarity leads to both, optimum performance and neat documentation.

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Another advantage of Laravel’s MVC architecture is that it comes with built-in functionalities that developers can use during development. Other frameworks don’t come with such features.

#11 Unit-level testing

Laravel is known for its exemplary testing support. While developing a website or a web app, the Laravel framework’s unit-level testing feature helps quickly identify and eliminate bugs.

Laravel also offers automated test support. This reduces the time and effort required for testing, while not compromising on security.

#12 Better authentication and authorization options

Laravel can configure almost anything while providing excellent authentication techniques. The framework also offers Middleware that simplifies the HTTP verification process before sending it to the controller. With Laravel, login, registration, and password reset can all be done with just a single command.

#13 Better traffic handling

Laravel supports a message queue system that helps in load balancing in case of higher traffic. Do you expect your web app or website to get higher traffic in the future? Laravel will prevent any server crashes and data loss. Laravel ensures effective traffic management and continued success.

#14 Intuitive Syntax

Laravel has an extremely intuitive syntax because its principles have been adopted from Robert C. Martin’s universally acclaimed book, “Clean Code”. As the book explains, creating and maintaining codes in Laravel is also quick and easy.

#15 Larcasts and excellent documentation

The founder and primary developer of Laravel, Taylor Otwell has created excellent written documentation for the framework. This makes it credible as well as easy to try for new developers.

Plus, Larcasts offers free and paid videos for learning in detail about Laravel.

Hiring Laravel developers – Your top options

Now, we have successfully established that Laravel’s popularity for PHP development projects is well-deserved. And you should also hire a dedicated Laravel developer for your current or upcoming projects.

The next question that you must be facing would be, “How do I hire a Laravel developer?”

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Well, here are all your options:

Option 1: Encourage in-house developers to learn how to work with Laravel.

Already have a team of PHP developers? You can try to encourage them to gain expertise in the Laravel framework. However, it might not always be a successful option. It might also take a lot of time for people to learn Laravel from scratch.

Option 2: Hire fresh talent

Start by inviting Laravel developer resumes. Then conduct multiple rounds of meticulous interviews. And don’t forget the background checks. Hiring fresh talent on your own is likely to be a time taking and costly affair. But at least you’ll have someone who can fill in the seat for a longer term.

Option 3: Hire freelancers

You can post your Laravel developer requirements on freelance job boards and onboard freelancers. This is ideal when you have a small project. Or when you don’t want the burden on hiring someone on payroll. But, be wary of candidates that might ditch you in the middle of the project.

Option 4: Collaborate with a company offering Laravel development services

For long and laborious projects you can connect with agencies offering Laravel development services. The costs are likely to be higher, but it is suitable for projects that need multiple Laravel developers to work together.

Option 5: Consider hiring from talent marketplaces

Talent marketplaces like Uplers Talent Connect, Candidate Labs, and more offer pre-vetted experts. You get to quickly onboard qualified Laravel developers who have the required skills and have passed multiple rounds of interviews. And you just have to pay the monthly Laravel developer salary; no extra costs are involved.

Don’t wait up anymore. Hop on to the Laravel bandwagon. And unleash the immense potential of Laravel by hiring a Laravel developer today.



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