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What Makes a Good Meme? This is Everything You Need to Know


It’s impossible to count the number of memes online. Because so many exist and people upload new ones every day, it’ll take an entire lifetime to count them all.

That’s how popular memes are.

But what makes a good meme? We investigate.

The Present-Day Definition

Even though memes emerged in 1976, they have now taken on a new definition. Memes are cultural units, often photos with captioned text on the top and bottom.

Memes are circulated, imitated, and re-edited by various users. If you’re interested, use Adobe Spark’s meme creator so you can make your own.

What Makes a Good Meme?

There are six factors that determine whether a meme will be successful. For instance:

Must Relate to Current Trends

Look at popular memes to see what people are engaging with. You should also check out conceited memes to see what works so it can inspire you.

Browse 4Chan, Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to see which memes are trending in real-time.


Not sure how to make a meme go viral?

Send a witty message. Even though memes are silly on the surface, they often tie back to politics or the way we navigate life.

The subject matter doesn’t have to be serious but, for it to be effective, relate the meme to a far-reaching topic so it becomes more shareable.


Even simple memes are successful when they’re relatable. Memes capture moments we’ve all gone through so use that as the foundation of your meme so you produce a relevant, relatable one.

Balance Image With Text

The most striking aspect of the conceited meme face is how the image and text work together to create an impact. It’s important that every user knows the intention of the image instantly.

Remember to use easy-to-read large text and get creative with your image. You could also hit jackpot by finding the perfect picture from a free image source but always ask permission first.

Getting Inspired By Popular Memes

All memes have a structure which you should use to create a good meme. For instance, you can use the “No one” meme as a reference. The point of this meme is to offer a strange idea that no one asked for or something we all do but nobody talks about it.

Think of a funny example that will resonate with people, add a graphic, and you’re done!

Post Memes in the Right Places

You want your meme to spread quickly so post them in public spaces. 9GAG, Reddit, and Tumblr are great sites to share them on.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the answer to “what makes a good meme?”

Stay on top of trends via social media, make your meme eye-catching, and relatable so it has the best chance of going viral. Once you’ve made one on a meme maker, post it far and wide so there’s a better chance of people seeing it. Good luck!

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