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What is QR Code and Why do We Need to Use Them


Are you seeing your friends talking about QR Codes? Are you confused about Bar Codes and QR Codes? What are they? Why do we need to use them? Oh God. I know you have a lot of questions related to QR Codes and are eager to know about this fashion or tradition.

QR is short for Quick Response because they can be read quickly by a cell phone. Although, now software like OnBarcode QR Code Scanner which is available in pc version so you don’t need to use your smartphone now.

Basically, QR Code came from Japan as these are very popular there. You may see QR Codes in a magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. You can get the information about QR Codes by scanning it through your smartphone’s camera. They all contain digital information in them which generally can’t be seen by our naked eyes.

The reason why they are more useful than Bar Code because they can store information (In digital form) than Bar Codes. They usually contain link to websites, geo coordinates, business cards or text in them. They can be read simply by using smartphones camera, that’s why they are more popular in comparison to Bar Codes.

How do QR Code image look like?

It is an ugly image containing only black and white dots on itself. It looks like.

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How do Cell phones read QR Codes?

Mobiles phones read the information stored in digital form on them. Using phones camera, mobile phones scans the digital data in them. To read the information, mobile phones requires an app like Kaywa. Using this app, you can scan the QR Codes as well as Bar Codes.

Can we generate QR Code for ourselves?

Yes, like already existing QR Codes, you can hide your sensitive and important information behind the QR Codes. You can create your own QR Codes by visiting the sites like However, if you are using smartphones and using apps to scan the QR Codes. Then, surely the app also contain the feature of creating a new QR Code image too. Nearly, all the apps are coded with this feature.

QR Code scanner and creator apps are available for nearly all platforms including mobile phones, smartphones like android phones, windows phones and iPhones. Similarly, these QR Codes to scan on pc and windows are available by software for pc also. You can check the complete list of these software for mobile phones and computer pc.

Can we use them for our use?

Yes, they are useful for us too. If you have your own business setup no matter how big or smaller it is. You can use QR Codes to sell products on your site. Already, big giants like Amazon is using them already to promote their products.

You can use QR Codes for:

  1. Product details
  2. Contact details
  3. Offer details
  4. Event details
  5. Competition details
  6. A coupon
  7. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs
  8. A link to your YouTube video
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So, are you planning to use them for yourself?

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