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What Is Cyber Security?


The Internet is a way for all businesses, small and large, to reach new customers every day. It provides so many opportunities that most businesses have a website and even offer online purchases. However, now businesses have a responsibility to protect the data that they collect on those websites. In most cases, small businesses have a hard time protecting their customer’s information from sophisticated programs. Businesses need to have ransomware protection and malware protection in order to operate an online site that stores any type of personal data.

If you have a small budget, you can secure your site with a next-generation antivirus that will provide things like ransomware protection and encryption to keep your personal data protected.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security rose in popularity in the early 2000s and has continued to gain prominence, culminating in multiple ransomware attacks in 2017 and 2018. The FCC created a round table on May 16, 2011 to discuss security with business leaders from private and public sectors. From this round table, a few cyber securities were identified as important for businesses.

Much of cyber security means preventing DDoS attacks, but there are a variety of ways that your site can become vulnerable without the right software. For example, you may get a virus attached to your email subscription list that earns you a blacklist due to email spam.

It’s best to hire an IT consultant for your business, if possible, to handle the setup and management of your cyber security programs.

How can you ensure your website’s success with cyber security? Here are a few other tips:

Train Employees in Cyber Security Principles

Do your employees know the term “dox” or DDoS? These are terms associated with hackers and social engineering con artists who attack businesses for personal data and customer information. This means that your employees should be used to requiring h3 passwords and have appropriate Internet use cases setup in your employee handbook. There should be consequences for violating any cyber security compliance requirements as well.

Protect Your Office Network from Attacks

Your machines should be clean of malware, search toolbars, and popups. If you notice strange activity on your web browser and operating system for any computer attached to your office network, then you need to get malware protection fast. You are allowing a virus to get into the most vulnerable part of your business.

Use a Firewall

Your site and your network should have a firewall set up. This should have set programs that are allowed to access the internet from your office network.

Create an Intuitive Backup System

Your office computers, business files, and applications should all be backed up on a secure server. Your most important business data and customer information should also be backed up on these systems. Nowadays it’s easy to back up your business files using the cloud.

Control Access to Your Office Network

No one should have access to your business’s network without being registered and identified. It’s important that if you need guest WiFi services that these are set up separately from your main network. You also want to make sure that the access of business computers is limited to employees alone. Otherwise, strangers and guests could hijack your office computers just from your WiFi network.

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