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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like and How to Mask it?


Are you thinking about trying CBD oil but are worried about how it will taste? If you’re like a lot of people, you might assume that CBD will taste just like cannabis plants smell: strong and skunky. However, you don’t need to worry.

First of all, most CBD oil is derived from hemp plants, not cannabis plants. Still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a unique taste. Thus, you probably find yourself asking: What does CBD oil taste like?

CBD Oil Taste

Many people claim that unflavored CBD oil has a grassy flavor. Others describe it as “earthy.” Some say that it has a bit of an after bite, sort of what you might experience with dark chocolate. If you don’t mind the taste of greens and enjoy foods with an afterbite, then taking unflavored CBD oil might not be a big deal.

If you have a more sensitive palate, then you probably won’t enjoy unflavored CBD oil. Luckily for you, there are ways to make it taste better so that you’ll want to take it more often.

How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

If you use a CBD oil tincture with natural flavor from Pure Spectrum and place the drops directly under the tongue, then you will have to be exposed to the taste for 60 to 90 seconds while you wait for it to get into your bloodstream. Some of the ways you can make the CBD oil taste better is by trying one of the following options.

1. Eat or Drink Something Right After Your Dose

Right after you take your CBD oil tincture, you should try to eat or drink something that you really enjoy. Fruit juice or your favorite snack can help cover up the natural taste of the CBD oil. You can also try placing a piece of chocolate or honey under your tongue along with the CBD oil to help minimize the taste.

2. Mix the CBD Oil with Food

Should you find that placing the CBD oil under your tongue is too much to handle because you really dislike the taste, then consider mixing it with some food. It may take longer to get into your system, but you won’t have to taste it at all.

3. Find Flavored CBD Oil Products

Instead of wondering how to flavor CBD oil, you might consider getting products that are already flavored. Many brands are aware of customer’s issues with natural CBD, so they have made it more appealing by creating products with a variety of flavors.

It’s possible to find Hemp Bombs CBD oils that have a peppermint, watermelon tastes, while Lazarus Naturals CBD tinctures come with vanilla, chocolate, or other flavors. You can also get edibles, such as gummies, that are sweet and fruity—you won’t be able to taste the CBD oil at all!

Should you prefer to get your CBD through a vape pen, you have an even wider range of CBD flavors to choose from. Depending on the brand, you can get watermelon, blue raspberry, tropical, mint, sweet fruits, and more.

Delicious Ways to Get Your CBD Oil Dose

If you’re thinking about trying CBD oil but are worried about how it’s going to taste, this should be the last thing on your mind. Unflavored CBD oil might be unpleasant to some, but there are ways to mask the flavor. This includes eating or drinking right after administering the dose under your tongue or getting a CBD oil that’s already flavored.

Many reputable and trustworthy brands have your health and wellbeing in mind. They want you to take CBD oil as much as necessary, so they do what they can to offer high-quality products that taste great. With so many products available, it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that works for you and has a pleasant and appealing taste.

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