What Do The Icons Under Messages In Snapchat Mean?

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Hey there! Have you heard of Snapchat? It’s this super cool social network that’s really popular, especially with young folks who love tech stuff. On Snapchat, you can send pictures or videos that disappear after a little while, or you can share Stories that stay up for a whole day. Pretty neat, right?

But here’s the thing: even though Snapchat is a big hit, some people find it a bit tricky to use. It’s got this unique way of doing things (like a strange UI, which is just a fancy way of saying how the app looks and works) that can make it hard to understand what’s going on. Ever been confused about whether someone added you back on Snapchat or if they read your message? You’re not alone!

In this article, we’re going to make Snapchat a whole lot easier for you. We’ll explore all those different boxes, arrows, and weird symbols you see in the app. By the end of this, you’ll be a Snapchat pro! Let’s get started. 🚀

What Do the Different Colored Boxes Mean in Snapchat?

Alright, let’s dive into the world of Snapchat’s colorful boxes! These little boxes are like secret codes that tell you what’s up with your messages and Snaps.

  1. The Mysterious Gray Box
    Ever see a gray box in Snapchat? This box is kind of like a mystery – it shows up when you haven’t snapped with someone yet. It can also mean someone blocked you (ouch!) or they haven’t accepted your friend request yet. Think of gray as a “wait and see” color.
  2. The Red Box Saga
    • Filled Red Box: Imagine sending a Snap without any sound. If you see a filled red box, it means your friend hasn’t seen it yet. It’s like a little red waiting room!
    • Unfilled Red Box: Now, if that box is not filled in, it means your soundless Snap has been seen. Mission accomplished!
  3. The Purple Box Mystery
    • Filled Purple Box: Sent a Snap with some cool sounds or music? A filled purple box means it’s still waiting to be opened.
    • Unfilled Purple Box: An unfilled purple box is great news – it means your audio Snap has been played!
  4. The Blue Box Story
    • Filled Blue Box: This one’s for the chatters. Sent a chat message? A filled blue box means it’s still unread.
    • Unfilled Blue Box: And if it’s unfilled, your chat’s been read. Time to think of a witty reply!
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So, there you have it! The filled box is like a “waiting room” – your message or Snap is waiting to be seen. Once it’s seen, the box becomes empty. It’s like Snapchat’s way of keeping you in the loop! 🌈📬

What Do the Different Colored Arrows Mean in Snapchat?

Let’s talk about those arrows in Snapchat. They’re like little traffic lights, telling you what’s happening with the Snaps you’ve sent out. Here’s what each one means:

  1. Red Arrows: The Soundless Snap Signals
    • Filled Red Arrow: Picture this: you send a Snap, but it’s just a picture, no sound. This filled red arrow is like a “sent” sign – it’s out there, but not opened yet.
    • Hollow Red Arrow: Once that Snap is opened, the arrow turns hollow. It’s like getting a “message read” receipt!
  2. Purple Arrows: The Musical Snap Cues
    • Filled Purple Arrow: Sent a Snap with some cool tunes or sound? The filled purple arrow means it’s flying through the Snapchat universe, waiting to be opened.
    • Hollow Purple Arrow: And when it’s opened? The arrow goes hollow. It’s like a “mission complete” for your audio Snap.
  3. Blue Arrows: The Chat Journey
    • Filled Blue Arrow: This is all about the chats. Sent a message? The filled blue arrow is your sign that it’s been sent but not yet read.
    • Hollow Blue Arrow: Once they read your chat, the arrow turns hollow. It’s like a little flag saying, “Hey, they saw your message!”
  4. Gray Arrows: The Friendship Request Wait
    • Filled Gray Arrow: This one’s a bit different. Sent a friend request? The filled gray arrow is like a waiting sign – it means they haven’t accepted your request… yet.
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So, these arrows are like little Snapchat guides, telling you what’s up with your messages. Whether they’re filled or hollow, each color has its own story! 🏹🎨

What About the Other Snapchat Symbols?

Now, let’s uncover the mystery of those other Snapchat symbols. They’re like secret agents telling you more about what’s happening in your Snap world.

  1. The Replay Signals
    • Red Circle Arrow: This one’s for your silent Snaps. When you see a red circle arrow, it means someone replayed your audio-less Snap. It’s like a replay button on a video!
    • Purple Circle Arrow: Sent a Snap with sound? The purple circle arrow is your clue that someone replayed this sound-filled Snap. They must’ve really liked it!
  2. The Screenshot Alerts
    • Double Red Arrow with Three Lines: Imagine sending a Snap without sound, and someone takes a screenshot. This symbol is your alert – like a little “snapshot taken” warning.
    • Double Purple Arrow of the Same Design: This one’s for your audio Snaps. If someone snaps a screenshot, you’ll see this double purple arrow. It’s like a heads-up that your Snap was worth saving.
    • Double Blue Arrow: Sent a chat message? If someone takes a screenshot of it, this double blue arrow is your notification. It’s like a “chat captured” signal.

Remembering these symbols is easier than you think! Just start with the basics: red for soundless Snaps, purple for audio Snaps, and blue for chats. From there, you’ll quickly become a Snapchat symbol master! 🕵️‍♂️🌈📱

In Conclusion To

And that’s a wrap! Snapchat might seem like a puzzle at first with its unique design and all those colorful symbols, but it’s actually a super fun way to stay connected with friends.

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I hope this guide has cleared up some of the mysteries around those confusing Snapchat symbols. Remember, each color and shape tells its own story, whether it’s a Snap, a chat, or a replay. Now, you’re equipped to navigate the Snapchat world like a pro!

Got any lingering questions about Snapchat’s symbols? Curious about something we didn’t cover? Drop your questions in the comments below! We’re here to help you master everything Snapchat. 🌟👻📱

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