What Bonuses Make The Biggest Profit for Online Casinos?

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what bonuses make biggest profit for online casinos

Growing with each day the popularity of online casinos contributes to increased competition between sites. There are new institutions that are trying to attract as many visitors to their resource as possible. As a result of this struggle, lucrative offers are developed, online casino bonus list is increased, a generous loyalty program with levels and statuses aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the casino.

Among all marketing tools, including advertising campaigns, organization of communities, groups, thematic forums and pages in social networks, the bonuses are the most effective and appreciated by users. The question arises – how profitable are such rewards for operators and what profit do they get from such activities? To figure out the answer, it is necessary first to get acquainted with the types of bonuses, their advantages and disadvantages for both parties.

What Is A Bonus At An Online Casino?

Bonus is a certain reward from the casino that the player receives for the actions performed. Each prize has certain conditions, meeting which the user gets a sum of money or other reward option. As a rule, one platform develops several types of bonuses, separately for each case. They are all combined into a system called Casino Bonus Policy.

When choosing a gaming platform, first of all the user pays attention to what benefits he will be able to get. But do not forget that not only new, but also already registered gamblers need rewards, for which such gifts will be a motivation for further activity and investment.

Depending on the institution, the rules for receiving, wagering and withdrawal of bonus funds change. A wagering is a ratio, expressed as a numerical value that determines how many times the amount should be rolled in the slots.

Types Of Bonuses in Online Casino

Today, players have a wide variety of rewards, using which it is possible to significantly increase the bankroll. In case of failure, the gambler does not lose anything, but gets the opportunity to play at the expense of the institution and try his luck. So, what bonuses do online casinos offer?

Type of bonus Features
Deposit A surcharge on the account, represented by a percentage or a fixed amount
No deposit A gift from the establishment without the requirement of refilling
For registration Each new user who has registered and activated an account
Reload Motivational bonus to return the gambler to the game
Cashback Partial refund of money lost

Registration bonus

It is the first reward that the institution offers to a newcomer. The competent development of such a bonus determines how attractive the platform looks, how it differs from many others.

To get it, it is usually enough to perform a few simple actions:

  • go to the official website of the casino;
  • fill out the form with relevant information;
  • confirm the creation of an account;
  • agree to receive a bonus.

In some cases, it is credited automatically, in others it is necessary to tick the appropriate box. Online platforms are trying to simplify the registration procedure, so that a newcomer can quickly navigate in filling out the form.

It is important to note that this is usually a fixed amount, which can be supplemented by free spins or consist only of them. Before agreeing to receive the gift, it is worth carefully studying the information about wagering.

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Why is it so important? Some institutions establish rules when bonus funds begin to be deducted only after spending personal money. These are unacceptable conditions that require recharging the account in any case.

No deposit bonus

This is the most attractive of all existing, as it does not require an initial payment. Not every portal offers such a reward, as it does not receive any guarantee that the player will make a payment.

However, this is a great marketing tactic to encourage the newcomer to open an account on the site. After the bonuses are played, players often deposit their funds by getting carried away with the slots.

To be on the safe side, casinos set a more complicated wagering for no deposit bonus to keep the gambler on their site as long as possible. It is worth familiarizing yourself with all the conditions and limits beforehand, in order to understand how realistic it is to win back.

No deposit bonus is not beneficial to the casino from a financial point of view, it works as advertising and attracts users, counting on their further investment.

Deposit bonus

It is found in almost all virtual institutions, and provides a surcharge on the first and subsequent deposits. It can be a percentage of the amount deposited, and additional gifts – for example, free spins bonus.

Minimum payment amount, as well as the maximum amount of bonus funds are stipulated in the terms of receipt. For example, for a deposit of $50, the player gets a bonus of 100%, but no more than $ 500. That is, having deposited six hundred dollars, the bonus will still only be five hundred.

The differences between the deposit and no deposit are multiple:

  • more loyal wagering conditions;
  • are found on most resources;
  • have a smaller wager.

Based on this, it should be noted that such bonuses bring good profits to the casino, as they encourage replenishment of the account and further involvement in the process.

Bonus for choosing the payment system

It is less common than the previous variants, however, it distinguishes the institution from the mass of others. The essence of the bonus is that the client receives a small refund for transactions through the specified payment operator. This does not apply to such giants as Neteller, Skrill and other well-known brands. Usually, these are unpopular systems that charge a commission for the deposit and withdrawal of funds. The casino compensates the costs, thereby encouraging the client and popularizing the method of payment.

If this type of transaction suits the user, then it is quite profitable to use it, although large sums are not provided. From the casino’s side, it is a proof of the institution’s solvency and loyalty to its visitors, which is further reflected in the reputation and rating. On the financial side, the bonus is not profitable.

Reload bonus

In a certain sense, this is a reload gift when a client is inactive for a long time. The bonus has a limited validity period and helps to return the gambler to gaming activity.

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Percentages on deposits made before the specified deadline, freespins, and fixed amounts can be offered as rewards. They can be given at any time or to a specific date – a significant event.

As for the benefits of the casino – it is calculated in the long term and the probability that the player will return to the platform.

VIP status

Online casinos make the most profits from high rollers – the gamblers who play big. To keep such a client, he is assigned an elite status, which gives additional privileges. These include:

  • increased deposit and withdrawal limits;
  • personal manager;
  • access to participation in closed tournaments with a solid prize fund;
  • personalized offers;
  • quick consideration of requests, etc.

To obtain such a status, you must play for large sums, which are specified in the “Terms and conditions of the user”.

Obviously, the rewards for high rollers are beneficial for the casino, both financially and in terms of ranking.


This is a common bonus today, which allows you to get back some of the money you lost. Usually, the amount is calculated at the end of the week or month, and then credited to the gambler’s bonus account. Keshbek also needs wagering, but most often has a small coefficient. Sometimes the percentage of return depends on the status and the received level in the loyalty program. The higher it is, the more the player will receive.

Such a bonus is designed more for the reputational component than for the profit of the establishment, since the casino has to share its own income with the player. At the same time, such a tool often works better than any advertising, so it pays off over time.

Refer a friend

It is similar to the referral program, when a gambler invites a new user on his recommendation. To get a bonus for a newcomer, certain conditions are set, such as mandatory first deposit, the amount of bets made and other actions.

The amount of such a reward depends on the site, but most often will not be large. However, if someone you know plans to spend time with gambling, you can earn from it. Meanwhile, the casino attracts the user to its site, so that he does not go to the competitors. In addition, it motivates the gambler to find new customers, so the bonus is mutually beneficial.

Are Casino Bonuses Profitable?

Before opening a business in the gambling industry, a detailed marketing strategy is developed, with specialists working on it. They calculate all the probable costs and profits, including the issuance of bonuses and other types of rewards. Analytical department makes projections, makes statistics, which helps to adjust the loyalty program.

It is important to understand that the work of the casino is a daily reporting and mathematical calculation. All data is checked, graphs are compared, and bonus items are coordinated. This approach allows you to see the real picture, to offer visitors the best conditions, but not to suffer heavy losses at the same time.

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In addition, the institution receives a guaranteed profit from other sources, including:

  • set wagering coefficients;
  • linking wagering to specific machines with a low percentage of returns;
  • limits on the withdrawal of bonus funds;
  • RTP of slots, which contains the obligatory profit of the institution;
  • commissions charged by some sites for the transfer of money to the personal account of the player.

It is worth noting that at the beginning online casinos make serious investments, gaining customer base. And only after the activity of players reaches the right level, some models are reconsidered in favor of the gambling establishment.

What is a wager and why it is necessary

Each casino sets its own requirements for wagering, but the essence and principle of wagering remains the same. The fact is that in the early days of bonuses as such, there were no waggers. Especially prudent gamblers registered a lot of accounts, getting the coveted prize, and then withdrawing it to a personal account.

Such actions were immediately noticed by the platforms and had a significant negative impact on the company’s budget. The casinos suffered losses and searched for solutions. That is how the wager appeared – namely, the mandatory wagering, represented by a coefficient.

It is set by all online casinos without exception, but consider the own value of the multiplier. What does it mean? This is the number of times you need to wager the bonus amount received. In practice, it looks as follows: you get $100 with a Wager of x30. This means that you need to wager the amount multiplied by this number, that is, $ 3000. At first glance it may seem unrealistic, however, all is possible if you follow a few simple rules:

  • play slots with a return of at least 98%;
  • make small bets.

Many sites exclude such a possibility, fixing a list of slots, on which you can wager the amount. A limit on the size of the bet may also be set. Limited periods for wagering are often specified, so it is important to read all the terms and conditions.


The income component of online casinos is significantly different from land-based establishments. Therefore, a completely different marketing scheme is being developed. The land-based analogues have a significant share of profits from related services. An example is MGM Grand, a famous Las Vegas casino, which earned $4 billion on slot machines, and $6 billion on snacks, rooms and other entertainment services.

Online casinos can’ t offer such services, but, unlike land-based platforms, they give bonuses to their customers, due to which a growing number of gamblers prefer virtual portals. They do not need to maintain large halls, pay rent and much more.

The online casino bonus program can be divided into two categories:

  • the one that brings quick profits and increases the number of deposits are deposit bonuses;
  • working in the long term – no-deposit, cashback, for registration.

In any case, well-organized business and constant monitoring of the market will allow the casino to make a profit, to win a high rating, and all this is largely due to the correct bonus policy.

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