What Are the Characteristics of a Toxic Person?

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what are characteristics of toxic person

Your mental well-being comes first. When you break ties with a toxic person, you feel liberated and happy. That’s the key to happiness. The question is – How do you spot a toxic person? You see them all around you – in college, school, supermarkets, and even as a character in polski sloty. Identifying them is easy, especially when you are around them most of the time. We are here with a quick post that sheds light on the subject, ‘characteristics of a toxic person’. Let’s dive right into the article.

They Never Take Responsibility 

A toxic person may be upset or mad about something at work, but they will take it on you. They are looking for ways to expend the negative energy. It’s hard to show them the reality because they are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. Don’t get into a war of words – drift apart and do your thing.

Manipulation is their Greatest Weapon 

A manipulative person forces you to do something that solves their purpose. They are not concerned about your desires, needs, and wants. If you are in a relationship with a manipulative person, you will never get anything in return. But please remember – you are not a tree; you can move from where you are. You don’t have to be miserable or sad because of this manipulative person.

Sorry, Not Sorry 

A toxic person is never ready to accept their mistake. If a person does not accept their mistakes/faults, you need to move away from them. Acknowledging mistakes is not something that runs in their veins. They would rather blame it on you, and it will be an endless cycle of blame games.

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Let Me Put on My Critical Lens

They are always ready to judge you. No matter what you do, they have their critical lens on all the time. The food you are eating to the man/woman you are dating will criticise you time and again. Watch out for people who are always ready to put you down.

Forget About Getting any Support

A toxic person will never offer support. Encouraging and supporting are attributes they lack. There are times when these people can’t tolerate the success of others. They will try to put you down through abusive or critical words.

It is best not to share your dreams and plans with such people. They will never appreciate it.

Keep Guessing 

Toxic people have hidden motives. But they are not very transparent. You will constantly try to solve a puzzle, and at some point, it will start bothering you. It’s hard to be with a person who keeps you on your toes.

Summing up 

All these characteristics are present in a toxic person. But here’s something you must know: person A may be toxic for person B, but person C may find a likeable person. We are different in so many ways. It’s best to be around people who make you happy. If you find that a toxic person is letting you down or not adding any value to your life, break free from them and find another circle.

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