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Wellington Wins: Why Wellington Is The Ultimate Choice For Startups


When you are building a business from the ground up, there is a daunting, seemingly endless list of tasks and decisions, including choosing where you are going to base your startup. As New Zealand recently topped the World Bank’s annual ease of doing business rankings as the nation that’s the most straightforward to start a business in, the country seems like an obvious choice.

The capital city of this Pacific island nation, Wellington, is more than just a coffee lover’s dream. When it comes to starting a business it’s also an entrepreneur’s dream. There are so many incentives available in the city to help you make your business ideas a reality. With emerging spaces from which to work such as the Data Dimension House coworking space, ‘Windy Wellie’ is sure to get your startup up and running in no time.

Let’ take a closer look at some of the factors that make Wellington a wise choice for startups.

Low Startup Costs

You may be surprised to learn that New Zealand is quite an inexpensive place to start a business as you can establish a company within a few days with very little capital investment. There are also government grants and incentives available for anybody trying to build a business in New Zealand that will sell to the rest of the world. There’s also quite a favourable tax environment as there’s no capital gains tax, which is an enticing incentive for startups to move into the kiwi business scene. With Wellington being the nation’s capital, it is a wise place to choose to get a startup off the ground.

Collaborative Environment

Wellington’s startup scene is thriving and the opportunities for networking and collaboration are countless. There are a variety of incubator and accelerator programmes available in the city that are designed to help startups get the attention and support that they need to succeed. Add to that the close-knit community of like-minded professionals to network and potentially collaborate with. Having access to this kind of support is invaluable when trying to launch your business ventures.

Laid Back Work Environment

In general, Kiwis are known to be quite laid-back and this is also true of the New Zealand business atmosphere. The environment is far less cutthroat and hectic than in other capital cities around the world like London or New York. In Wellington, you may even see competitors grabbing a beer together after work. This more relaxed corporate environment fosters a less stressful existence which is ideal when you are starting out in business.

Excellent Work-Life Balance

New Zealand ranks second in the world in terms of work-life balance and it’s no wonder as the country is home to almost every landscape you can think of, from snow-capped peaks to white sand beaches, from glaciers to volcanoes. With the coastal city of Wellington as your base, you can be out hiking volcanoes, mountain biking on world-class trails, or tasting some of the best chardonnays and pinot noirs in the world within an hour or two of finishing work. This work-life balance will be extremely helpful when dealing with the stresses involved in getting a business up and running.

Wellington Wins For Startups

Choosing Wellington as a base will start you off you on the road to success. With low startup costs, an excellent work-life balance, and tonnes of places to work from, Wellington is a great choice for savvy entrepreneurs looking to break into the kiwi marketplace. With access to a community of passionate and supportive entrepreneurs, choosing Wellington as a base will certainly have you on your way to achieving your business goals sooner rather than later.

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