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Knowing The Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer


You may find yourself wondering what the difference between a web designer and a web developer is?

In this blog, we will be going in-depth about the roles, tools, and expectations of the two fields, and which one may be the fit for you. First, let’s begin by defining the two fields.

Roles Of Web Designer & Web Developer

#1 Web Designer

A web designer is a person who creates the aesthetic portion of the website and its usability. For more context, let’s use a car analogy. The web designer would be the person who designs the aesthetic of the car. Therefore, what the car looks like, the exterior and interior, and how it feels when you’re driving it. The web designers at TOLS Multimedia are experts at WordPress development.

#2 Web Developer

The web developer is the person who constructs the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the website, which allows the user to see and interact with them directly. So, the web developer focuses on the internal components of the car, such as the engine, transmission, and the other parts of the car you don’t realize you’re using. For further clarification, the web developer makes the car function and works on how it moves.

With that said, just like a car can’t function without the engine, the engine is useless without the car, so the two have to go together. Whether the web designer and developer or the same person or they’re two people who are working together on the same team and will be utilizing each other’s skill sets.

Tools For Web Designer & Web Developer

#1 Web Designer

The tools for a web designer are going to be aesthetic tools such as Photoshop, sketch, interface design tools, and UX design tools. These are the tools that affect the aesthetic and kind of design, whether that would be print design, web design company San Francisco, or product design. A web designer must know how to use those tools, the principles behind those tools, and the foundation of designs.

#2 Web Developer

All web developers work with code. However, web developers spend the majority of their time working with client-side code. Client-side code is client languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, there is JavaScript framework code like React or Backbone. Working with those three client-side codes is the bread and butter of a web developer.

A web developer in general learns and speaks coding languages. Therefore, if they drip into the back-end development, which a lot of web developers do, they would speak more server-side languages such as Php, Ruby, and all the different server-side technology.

Expectations From Them

#1 Web Designer

A web designer is going to spend a lot of time looking for inspiration, making visual sense, and working visually communicating the message of the brand, company, or the site itself. Designers will spend the majority of their day doing working on visual aspects. Those visual aspects can range from wire-framing and mood-boarding to creating brands, logos, and websites.

#2 Web-Developer

For a web developer, their day-to-day is going to be spent working on code. They are going to be receiving the visuals and the documentation from the web designer and ensuring the functionality is everything the website or client needs.

They also make sure the functionality is one par with the styles that the designer has handed over. It’s the web developer’s job to make sure those deliverables are correctly executed.

Which one is For You?

Should you start pursuing design? Should you start pursuing development? Should you pursue both? The choice can be overwhelming, but below is some advice to keep in mind when trying to make your decision.

If you’re a person who enjoys the visual aspect of things and likes to express your problem-solving through visual modes of a solution, then a web-designer would be the better choice for you.

Moreover, if you constantly think I can make sense of that by using color, typography, and photography, then web designing would offer you a creative platform to express your ideas.

On the other hand, if you like to do puzzles face down, and you were the kid who enjoyed taking their car apart to see how it worked, then you would want to be on the development side.

If you’re still unsure, you can try a little bit on both sides and see which one suits you better. The good news is is that none of this information is final since these two are so closely related in either the tech or creative world.

So, you have the ability to change your mind, and the flexibility to see where you want to be. Whether you go down the path of precision web design or development, it’s vital that you enjoy yourself.

Both of these careers have allowed a lot of people to be part of something and create something that they care about.

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