7 Ways Your Business Can Improve Mobile Device Security

Issac Glantz
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ways your business can improve mobile device security

Mobile devices have become an integral part of your business operations. They aim to improve productivity and increase service delivery which can be measured as key performance indicators for your organization setup.

It’s important to equip your organization with cybersecurity skills and tricks to counter breach attempts by hackers through smart devices. That way, you can safeguard your business secrets and keep cybercriminals out.

As such, begin by reviewing internet security protocols to match your business protection needs. In so doing, you can highlight potential risks like data loss that can paralyze your entire business setup and may force you to shut down. In addition, you need to implement a current business mobile security policy to keep up with the technological advancements.

Here are seven ways your business can improve mobile device security:

#1 Strengthen Your Passwords

Be creative while designing passwords or passcodes for your mobile devices. It’s your first line of defense when trying to access any information on your smartphone. You have options of placing special characters like hashtags, space, or brackets. Ensure that it’s unique and easy for you to remember but hard for anyone to crack.

You can plan to change the password setting to safeguard your mobile device periodically. For instance, you can set monthly reminders on your mobile phone to request updates on security features. That way can implement different combinations to strengthen your password.

#2 Software Review Policy

Security gaps in mobile devices occur whenever there’s a software update. You need to keep up with such changes to safeguard your business. It can save you from either data loss or damage coming from cybercriminals.

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You can back-test available updates from the mobile devices manufacturers to gauge compatibility. It can improve the performance of the devices and may guarantee safety for both your business and its database.

In addition, you can adjust the smartphone settings to renew software once released automatically. Let it become your business software policy that deals with security issues that may arise.

#3 Selective Internet Connections

The internet age is full of challenges that can make your business grind to a halt. Pay attention to the connection that your organization sets. If you insert foreign gadgets like an external hard drive in your smartphone or tablet, then you’re inviting a security breach.

In addition, you want to limit the connection to untrusted internet networks to your mobile device. It could be hackers enticing you to make the wrong move and infringing on your business database.

#4 Frequently Update Antivirus

Typically, mobile devices are susceptible to attacks from online viruses and may affect the built-in features of the gadget. Perhaps the damage is slowly taking place, and you’re wondering what to do next.

You should update the antivirus and delete unwanted files that may have been downloaded. That way, you can improve the speed and security of the smart device.

In addition, you can download and install the latest version of antivirus or place your mobile device to auto-renew such safety products from the manufacturer.

#5 Introduce Multi-factor Authentication Policy

Interestingly, mobile devices being released to the market come with multi-factor security checks. It’s a combination of digital security hurdles that anyone trying to access the mobile device has to jump over. If you miss one confirmation step, the mobile device denies or locks you out and can’t be used for a certain period.

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For instance, you set your email accounts to send messages asking you to confirm login attempts on your mobile phone. If you don’t respond, the device can put your account on hold until you restart the process.

However, such mobile device security tactics require a stable internet connection to complete the process. Also, you need to remember the passcodes for each step of the multi-factor authentication policy.

#6 Mobile Device Upgrade

Technological advancement is creating security cracks that affect mobile devices. You could be using outdated versions of smart gadgets or the internet of things (IoT), which exposes you to cybercriminals.

The latest versions of mobile devices have improved security features and add-ons that can guarantee safety for your business. Renew your mobile services contract and ask for an upgrade whenever innovations come out.

#7 Shutdown

Once you’re done working on the mobile devices, simply log out or shut down. Leaving your gadgets idling while connected to the internet is calling for trouble to your business. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for the next opportunity to cause harm. Develop a habit of always shutting down and disconnecting your mobile devices from the internet.


The introduction of technological devices in business has its security challenges that can affect how your organization operates. Be tactical when implementing solutions to counter security threats posed by the connection of your business and mobile devices. Keep reviewing the safety measure to stay afloat with cybersecurity issues in the digital age.

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