5 Ways You Can Use a Solar-Powered Generator

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By Stuart Williams 5 Min Read
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Are you looking for ways to power your life without relying entirely on fossil fuels? Solar energy is the perfect solution to your problem. But don’t worry — you don’t need to invest thousands in solar panels for your roof. With a solar-powered generator, you get solar energy with the convenience of affordable, easy-to-use equipment.

Generators are a great energy source when there’s a power outage but can also be used throughout your daily routine. Most people assume that these solar systems cannot power essential appliances and machines, but there’s a lot of power available in these devices.

Here are six popular applications for a solar-powered generator that you need to know:

1. Recharge Electronic Devices

Many are addicted to their smartphones, and most people cannot imagine going a day without using them.

We enjoy checking our social media pages several times daily to see what is trending or stay updated on current affairs. Sometimes we just use them to communicate with friends and family through text. These devices have become an integral part of our lives.

Fortunately, you can charge your phone and much more using the sun’s power, even if you are away from civilization. Investing in a high-quality solar powered generator can come in handy for you and the group you have traveled with to your getaway destination. You can connect the phone to the solar system using a 12V DC or an AC adapter. From laptops and tablets to drones, you can power it all.

2. Power a Fan

You require the sun’s rays to power your solar-powered generator. However, when the sun is too hot, staying inside your tent or RV can be uncomfortable due to the heat. If you have a small fan, you can ease the discomfort by using your solar generator to power it through the AC power output. The fan will only need about 40 watts.

3. Power Lighting

Whether you are out camping or at home, it’s important to have electric appliances to produce light. In most cases, a solar-powered generator comes fitted with a light, is portable, and has a handle for easy moving. But buying a separate lamp is better since it will be easier to carry around and extremely bright, then you can recharge using the solar generator.

4. Power Your Cooking Devices

If you’re out camping and want to cook up your favorite meal, a solar-powered generator is a must. If your device isn’t too big, you can easily power it using an average-sized solar generator that can generate about 500 watts. Whatever device you have in mind, from a rice cooker to a hot plate, your generator will make campsite cooking a breeze.

And of course, you can also use it to keep food on the table at home, even when you’re without electricity.

5. Power Building Equipment

If you’re away from the convenience of a nearby outlet but working on a project that requires power tools, a solar-powered generator is a way to go. You need about 1500 watts to power most routers and drills available on the market today. However, if you have a circular saw or larger equipment and want to power it, you require about 3000 watts.

Fortunately, there are different sizes of solar generators available in the market. Their capacity ranges from 300W to 5000W. The more the capacity, the bigger and less portable it is. Therefore, there is something for everyone, and you can buy one according to your needs.

Harness the Sun’s Power

Solar-powered generators are beneficial because they depend on a free energy source to recharge and are portable and less noisy than ordinary generators. They are a must-have whenever you need power and want a clean source.

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