9 Ways To Upgrade Your Gaming Setup

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ways to upgrade your gaming setup

Gaming offers a fun experience whether you’re alone or you’re with friends. But you can further improve that experience by upgrading to a gaming PC at an affordable price. Depending on what you want, you can go for an affordable or a splurge and still get the proper equipment and accessories you need. Without further ado, here are ideas on how you can improve your gaming setup.

Get A Gaming Modem 

A gaming modem is a must-have for gamers who like to stream videos. They’re the bridge that closes the gap between the Internet connection and the desktop computer. Having your own router creates a speed that’s dedicated only to your gaming computer. It’s not difficult to find the best gaming modem, and you can enjoy HD streaming and more devices simultaneously.

Upgrade Your GPU 

A good quality GPU or graphics processing unit is what you need to play the latest games with high-definition graphics and gameplay. You might’ve been ignoring the GPU for other PC needs, but it’s an absolute must to get your GPU improved. Some simply out choose a PC bundle to get a good deal for the specifications you want.

Get The Best Hard Drive 

Some computer components can make your PC run faster or slower. If you’re still holding onto a hard drive that’s outdated, they can make your PC run slower. There are two types of hard drives and they have their differences. The older model which is a hard disk drive (HDD) is slower to read because it has moving components. The newer model which is the solid-state drive (SDD) has no moving parts so that you can read faster. The older computer is using enhance integrated drive electronics (EIDE) also known as advanced technology attachment (ATA) has cables to connect to older hard drives. While the new one aims for serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) has cables used for newer ports.

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Get High-Speed Desktop Ports 

How sure are you that your USB ports are at their best? The good news is, if your desktop has older USB versions, you can opt-in for 2.0 and 3.0 versions instead. It would help if you had faster USBs to make the hard drive connection faster. The faster the link to the hard drive, the speedier its processing performance.

Replace Outdated Video Card 

A video card can also make the gaming experience better, especially with a processor and VRAM memory. When you have this type of video card, it enhances the computer’s performance and supports the processing of 3D graphics, along with other complicated tasks. Use a powerful video card whenever if you want to play only the best games with stunning graphics. In turn, the video card’s interface can contribute to its performance

Choose The Best Monitor 

Gamers can go hardcore and retain two monitors instead of one. That’s because there’s a difference between a gaming monitor and a standard computer monitor. There are factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best gaming monitor:

Refresh rates

  • Response times
  • Color accuracy
  • The smoother

The smooth images will owe their clarity to the refresh weight of the gaming monitor. Decide on the different panel of technologies and the IPS, VA, and TA.

Upgrade Your Processor and RAM 

Whether you have the budget or not, you can upgrade your RAM, which is inexpensive compared to the other components. Your PC board could use some additional RAM modules. Take care because programs that require a lot of memory that you may need may require you to have a free RAM slot. Gamers can make do with 16GB as it doesn’t give you much benefit other than when you’re noticing that your Task Manager is topping out.

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Use Compressed Air for Cleaning 

Cleaning your gaming peripherals is different from regularly dusting things that are lying around the house. You can’t afford to get dust back on them after a few wipes. When dust flies around the room where your gaming setup is, you don’t need a simple rug or duster. Use a can of compressed air to blast off dust and other types of residues from your keyboard and the narrow corners of your system when you need to do some general cleaning. Remember to do the air blasting in an area where you don’t mind dust and residues flying around.

Use A Recording Software 

Gaming isn’t just for the ones who need to isolate themselves from reality. It’s becoming a social activity and gaming videos can be shared with your new and old friends through recording software. If you can capture high-quality gameplay to show off to the people you know, it’s a start to get them interested in the games you like. The best ones don’t take up a lot of space and are lag-free.

In Conclusion 

There are many ways you can enhance the performance of your computer. For gamers, it’s arming your desktop with the best components to keep up with gaming specifications. It’s essential to find what you can afford at your current budget. You also don’t need to change them all at once. Take your time finding what you need to avoid mistakes.

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