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10 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Better Business


Are you looking for innovative options to attract a target audience for your new business? Then you have reached the right place.

Content strategy services are an essential part of any online marketing plan. A content strategy will help you track success and make sure that your content is on point at all times.

The following tips should give you a good grounding in the basics and help you get started or improve your current content flow.

Audience Research and Personas 

According to Forbes, an average person interacts with different media formats eleven hours per day. So, you have to build the perfect strategy to grab their attention.

Audience research and persona building are the foundation of any content strategy, regardless of the creative medium or channel you are producing for.

Having a clear target audience in mind will help your team make intelligent decisions about who you want to target and how. It will guide your creative process and ensure that you stay on brand throughout.

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all.’ So, you must work out what type of person you want to communicate with (for example, location, demographics, psychographics) and try to find data that supports ‘why this is a good idea?’.

Perfect Your Editorial Policy

Your editorial policy should always be considered before publishing anything: it will protect your brand and make sure you are in the perfect place legally.

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It will also help you stay on point with your content strategy.

Make A Content Plan

This method may not be possible for every channel, depending on the time you have available. However, keeping track of what is published when, where, and why is a good way of keeping on top of your editorial flow.

You can later use it as a reference or backup material if necessary.

Strategically Partner with Influencers

Your audience trusts other people more than they trust brands. So, you must find influencers who can build awareness of your brand by producing great content that aligns with yours.

You should give them creative freedom but hold them accountable to the same standards you hold your own team to.

Use Data to Inform Your Content 

If it doesn’t suit your business to use complex data, try using sentiment analysis.

Content strategy services offer tools such as Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch. These are very good at this type of analysis and can give you a better idea of how people feel about specific topics.

If you do have access to the correct data, then integrate it into your content as much as possible: cold, hard facts will improve your credibility and trust amongst your audience.

Don’t Overlap

It’s all too easy to start publishing slightly different versions of the existing content on multiple channels. However, it can be counterproductive and is therefore not recommended.

You must make sure that each piece of content is tailored specifically for the channel you are publishing on, so the tone is not the same and creative ideas aren’t borrowed.

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Be Consistent

You must find a way to keep your audience comfortable with where they see your content by keeping it consistent. If you publish on Facebook one day but not the next, your audience may lose the encouragement to return to your page owing to your inconsistency in delivering content.

Opportunities To Tailor Content

If you are publishing content across multiple channels, make sure you are tailoring the format of each piece for each platform.

It could mean making unique infographics or videos for LinkedIn, unique images with quotes for Instagram, or changing headlines and captions for Twitter depending on the audience you want to engage with.

Don’t Over-use Your Exclusive Content

When you have published something excellent that has had a fantastic response, don’t go chasing after another hit straight away. Let the piece breathe and give people time to enjoy it before you promote it again.

Check Your Work

Don’t let content slip through the net. You must ensure that everything published is checked by another set of eyes (ideally not your own).

Make sure that mistakes are fixed as soon as possible; if something hasn’t been properly proofread, make sure it is done at the earliest, be careful not to let them go unchecked!

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