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3 Ways To Keep Track Of Your Employees Time Off Requests


Managing your employees’ time off requests can really take a lot of your time. While it is a simple and repetitive process, monitoring and adjusting each of your employees’ schedule’s based on their time off requests will surely take you a long time to finish. Plus, you’d have to consider other employees possibly taking their own time off thus demanding another adjustment in scheduling. If want to make things easier for yourself, then this article will help you find the best solutions to your problem.

Best Ways To Manage Employee Time Off Requests:-

Below are 3 of the best ways for you to manage your employee time off requests:-

#1 Biometrics, Time-clocks, Spreadsheets:-

Biometrics, Time-clocks, Spreadsheets

Conventionally, time clocks were the best method to manage employee leave. It allows you to monitor and have an accurate report of your employees daily working hours. And as time passed by, biometrics were developed to make things easier. By simply pressing their thumbs, your employees can easily time in and time out from work. The system then transmits the data to a computer for you to view. With the help of spreadsheets, you can easily list each employee’s working hours and at the same time monitor their time off and absences.

#2 Honor and Reward System:-

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Today, a lot of companies have different working set-ups. Instead of the conventional, 6 day paid leaves or time off per period, there are companies which reward their employees with time off or vacation leave once they finish a particular task or reach a particular set of working hours. This is a very good method as it motivates your employees to work hard and at the same time, it allows you to control and monitor the number of times off or requests for leave that they can have. With this win-win situation, this management style been growing in popularity even in multinational corporations.

#3 Use of Employee Management System:-

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Given this era’s technology, it is no surprise that employee management software systems have been developed for the sole purpose of managing your employees’ overall performance and attendance policies. It is much better than outsourcing your payroll and human resources need because it allows you to have sole control over your employees’ practices, policies, and management. In fact, there are software programs that have features that are way better than outsourced HR departments, such as daily assessment of performance, time-off analysis, productivity analysis, among other things. Some of this software even offers the creation of features specifically for the use of your company.

Clearly, managing employee leave will be best handled with efficiency by using these employee management systems. You can easily monitor each employee’s time and attendance and have the system analyze if there are variables that need to be adjusted to make them more productive and motivated. You can also create new policies for your employees with the help of the software as it can give you different kinds of charts and graphs discussing your employee’s’ current performance. Take note that all of this is done by a single software program that is fully in your control; all you have to do is to run the software and study the report it gives you. Just this feature alone can take out many of the hassles and time-consuming tasks that one faces when managing their company. This software is a must have upgrade for your company.

Final Thought:-

So, did our efforts helped in some way? Kindly tell us in the comment section below about your experience. If you have any doubt about Keeping Track Of Your Employees Time Off Requests, feel free to start a new thread in the comment section below. Thanks for walking with us till here. Thanks, Bye.

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