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Ways To Increase Your Internet Speed


In this fast paced life we need everything around us to be really fast too, so that we are not left behind in the race. Internet speed is one of the major factors affecting most of our routine and office work. We all need swift connections with each other which are impossible without a fast internet. So for your ease, we are giving these worthy tips to boost your internet speed and quality.


This is one of the most powerful suggestions. Turn your modem and router off for one or two minutes and then turn them on. It’s like refreshing your ISP and connections, hence making it problem free. Your system will take rest for few minutes to get in shape again.

It’s normally recommended to do off and on thing after every two or three days if your system’s speed goes down more often.

You can make your life easy by opting Century programmable timer as well. You just have to connect your system with this timer and leave the off and on option on it. It will do it for you, even when you’re asleep. You can refer Century Link internet for this solution.


Data cap can be a big issue in your internet speed, because most of the times we are unaware of the amount of data usage from our side. But the internet providers keep a keen eye on this. The moment we exceed our data usage limit, we face a great change in internet speed. Sudden reduction in internet speed can be very much from this issue.

You get to monitor your data usage for at least few months in order to confirm if this is happening. You can change your internet package according to your data usage to rectify the internet speed issue.


Sometimes simply moving your router can fix the problem. Your router should properly catch the WiFi signals otherwise your internet speed can suffer a lot. Try placing it in the middle of your building where it can work its best.


Some routers have built-in antennas so you won’t be able to touch them. But if your router has external antennas, try to configure them accordingly. It may work in certain cases and can be very helpful.


Speed of internet can also be increased by bringing slight changes to your router settings.

Some of the routers offer entertainment settings which require bandwidth while you do video streaming or play video games. Similarly you can also reset the Request to Send (RTS) thresholds on your router. These steps can improve speed and quality of your network.


Maybe you’re facing all these problems due to your old router and it’s time to get a new one. New router comes with additional features and more compatibility with various new devices.


No doubt wireless internets have made our lives so much easier. You can move your systems anywhere without worrying about a wire to get attached to. But cabled connections like Ethernet are far secure and offer fast speed of internet. You can plug your desired system directly with a cable wire and enjoy speedy connection.

You don’t even have to worry about your personal internet banking information.


Whenever you work on internet you are constantly entertained by different ads without your will. Watching these ads can actually reduce your internet speed. Try blocking them or install an ad blocker to get rid of this problem.

We recommend ad blockers like NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost.


Make a habit of clearing your cache on daily basis. Browser keeps bits of your data while you search for your desired thing and marketers use that data to keep sending you relative order to avoid that keep your cache clear manually or by  “Clear Cache for Chrome” to increase internet speed.


Negotiate with your internet provider for the best suitable internet plan for your requirements. This can also help in resolving your slow internet speed.


One of the important thing is to keep your system free from viruses. Viruses can make your resources weak on system, thus making your internet speed slow.

You can install an antivirus program for this, like Norton, McAfee, or TotalAV.


We all are occupied by different kinds of electronic devices like ipads, mobiles, iphones and similar other devices. They all make electromagnetic interference, so put them far from your modem in order to reduce their effect.


There can come a time when trying to fix everything seems to fail. It is due to the fact that you need to change your internet provider. See for the company that provides fast internet speed with best rates. We recommend the following companies

  • Cox internet
  • RCN internet
  • Xfinity internet
  • Century Link internet
  • Verizon Fios Home internet
  • AT&T Fiber
  • HughesNet internet


Sometimes the internet problem is beyond our reach and we have to contact our internet providers and modem company to help us out. In certain cases they will come to your house and find out the root problem. May be your whole wiring needs to get replaced or so.

We tried indicating most of the reasons behind reduced internet speed of your system. Hope you get guidance in rectifying your internet speed and quality through the tips and tricks we have provided you.

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