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How To Watch Netflix Outside The US


So you’ve come hear wondering if you can watch Netflix outside the US. Well the answer is yes you actually can watch Netflix outside the US. Netflix has already started expanding it’s instant streaming service into other countries but still for the vast majority of people who want to, they still can’t watch Netflix outside the US.

You are going to learn in this guide how you can start watching Netflix outside the US yourself with Top VPN Choice. It’s an extremely easy process which requires connecting to a VPN service to trick Netflix into thinking that you are in the US. What if you don’t know what a VPN is? That’s OK, you can read all about what exactly a VPN is over here in the What is a VPN section. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with VPN’s you’ll be ready to get started and start enjoying being able to watch Netflix.

Before moving ahead, let’s discuss what a VPN is?

What is a VPN?

The term VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” Typically a VPN is used to connect office employees who are away from their office and wish to connect to the network at their workplace, giving them access to files and printers on their office network. This doesn’t mean much to the user wishing to watch Netflix from outside the US, so how can you benefit it from using a VPN?

How Does a VPN Work?

When you connect to a VPN with your computer, tablet or a smartphone, all of your internet traffic will now go through a server somewhere else in the world, making it appear as if your internet connection is actually somewhere else. So, if you are outside the US and connect to a VPN with a server located in the US, all the websites you visit while connected. We see the IP address of the VPN server you are connecting through.

This means that any content you were trying to access but was originally blocked to you, based on your location will now be available to you. Netflix will no longer think you are outside the US and you will be able to use their services. This works for all websites or content that is blocked to users based on their location. It even works if the country you are in censoring the internet, connect to a VPN and you’ll be able to access anything you like.

Get Connected to a VPN Now!

There are many choices out there when it comes to VPNs and which one you should choose. Here, we recommend We have tested many different VPN’s and they are by far the fastest and most reliable. In fact it is so fast you will still be able to watch Netflix in full HD while connected to their servers. Sign up now and get started using your favorite websites outside the US.

How to Watch Netflix Outside the US On Kindle Fire

Despite Amazon pretty much locking the Kindle Fire down to users outside the US it is possible to watch Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire operating system is built on top of a normal Android OS. The Kindle Fire can stream Netflix with ease if you live in the US but if you travel outside of the US or live abroad already you won’t be able to watch Netflix outside the US on the Kindle Fire.

There are a couple things you need to do before you can start watching Netflix outside the Us on the Kindle Fire. First you need to get yourself a VPN.

To watch Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire you have to connect to a VPN on the Kindle Fire, this is not supported by the Kindle Fire out of the box so we need to get rid of Amazon’s limited Kindle Fire version of Android. You will have to root you Kindle Fire and install a new android operating system on the Kindle Fire called Cyanogenmod, but don’t worry this will only unlock the potential of your Kindle Fire. Check out the Kindle Fire section over at the XDA Developers Forums to learn how to root your Kindle Fire and install a full version of Android in your Kindle Fire. Don’t be scared it’s a really simple process and you’ll be turning your Kindle Fire into a fully functional $200 tablet that now has the ability to watch Netflix from outside the US.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the Amazon OS and installed a full version of Android you’ll be able to enter in your credentials for your new VPN in the network settings on your Kindle Fire. Once connected you will be able to stream Netflix outside the US on Kindle Fire easily. You will lose Amazon Prime Instant Video in the Process but it’s not like it’s any good anyway.

How to Watch Netflix in Korea

If you are an English teacher or military stationed abroad in Korea you’ve probably wished you could watch Netflix in Korea but found you received the message “not available in your part of the world yet.” Netflix has recently started expanding it’s streaming service to other countries but Korea is not yet one of them. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from watching all the Netflix in Korea you want. I will teach you how you can easily enjoy watching Netflix while you are living in Korea.

Best of all, with Korea’s ultra fast internet connections, VPN won’t slow down your connection at all. Their server speeds are so fast you will even be able to watch Netflx in HD all the way in Korea. Quit wishing you could watch Netflix in Korea and start watching today!

In Conclusion To Watching Netflix Using VPN

We have learnt from this guide that watching Netflix outside the US is not a tough job at the moment. In fact, you can do anything with VPN from watching movies to accessing blocked websites.

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you are still facing any issue, please let us in the comment section below. Have a great day ahead, thanks.

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    I’ve heard that newer servers work better with accessing Netflix because it’s still not blocked by it. So I guess new VPN services is more likely to work with streaming. I’ve just started using Surfshark VPN, so far I’m impressed by the connection speeds I get.

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