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Want to Setup Your Wi-Fi Router Without A PC?


In case you need to set up your wireless router and your computer is not working or you don’t have one, there is nothing to worry about. You can still set up your wireless router with the help of your tablet or smartphone.

Practically any smartphone or tablet with an installed web browser will do the job.

What you actually need to do during the setup process is to change the default network name and wireless password, as well as the default router password. We should also change the default IP of the router for better security but this is not mandatory. Of course, there are other things you can change but we won’t talk about that in this article.

Things Needed to Setup Router with a Smartphone

Before you begin setting up your router here are some things you need to have:

  • A tablet or a smartphone with a web browser installed on it
  • You need to know the router default Wi-Fi password
  • You need to know the router default IP, username and password

If you are worried about where to find the default login details and the Wi-Fi password these can often be found on the label which is usually placed on the bottom side of the router. This label contains all the details you need to set up your router. If there is no label, you can check the user manual or search through the manufacturer’s support website.

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Sometimes, if you get a used router, the default password could be changed. If this is the case with your router you will need to reset it to factory settings first and then use the default username and password to access it. To reset the router, you need to locate the Reset button, use a paperclip or a pen to press and hold it for 10-20 seconds until it restarts. When it boots up again, and the LED lights stabilize, try to login to the router to start the setup process.

The default IP and login details

The default IP is used to grant access to the router admin console. For example, the D-Link router IP is The default username is generally “admin” and there will be no password.

Other popular IP addresses are,, and so on. As for the default usernames and passwords they are generally a combination of the following:

Username: admin, user

Password: password, admin, 1234 or you just need to leave this field blank.

How to Set up Your Router Using a Smartphone

  1. Plug in the wireless router and make sure it’s turned on
  2. On your smartphone find the Wi-Fi section and find the default network name. Remember that you already have it on the clear sticker.
  3. Connect to this network using the default wireless password (can also be found on the sticker)
  4. After you have connected to the wireless network, launch the browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  5. Type the default router IP in the web browser’s Address bar.
  6. You will be asked to enter a username and password
  7. After you enter the default login details press the login button and you will access the router admin console.
  8. Now you can change the router settings we have mentioned earlier in this article: The network name (SSID) and wireless password are the first ones you should change during the setup process. After that you can modify other settings to boost your wireless network security.
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Important Notes

  • The factory reset operation will revert all the router settings at their defaults.  Therefore, if you are resetting your old router you need to know that all the settings you have already made to the router will be erased. The router will have to be set up from scratch.
  • You can easily find the router default IP address online. All you need to do is to enter the router brand and model and add ‘IP address’ at the end (e.g., Netgear r7000 IP address)
  • When you enter the IP address in the browser make sure to type it in the Address bar, not the Search bar.
  • The graphical interface of the router admin console is different depending on the model and brand of the router. Generally, you will have no problems navigating through the menus and finding what you need.
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