ViV Pods: The Juul-Compatible Pods You’ve Been Waiting For


There’s no denying that the Juul vape device has taken the world by storm. Since its surge in popularity, vape companies have begun to churn out Juul-compatible pods to keep up with the trend. Recently, the Chicago-based Vapor4Life introduced its ViV pods, Juul-compatible pods that hold more liquid, deliver amazing flavor, and give smokers a throat hit that’s uncannily similar to taking a drag off a cig.

Not to mention that the ViV Pods are more affordable than your standard Juul pod.

Perhaps Vapor4Life’s ViV Pods stand out because they were made by a company that has dedicated its efforts to helping out smokers. The owner of Vapor4Life (V4L for short) was a 5-pack daily smoker who switched to vaping nearly a decade ago and never looked back.

For this reason, ViV Pods are designed to mimic smoking and they do it really well. One puff of the 5% nicotine salt blend in these pods and you can quiet down those nic cravings.

The strong throat hit doesn’t mean the ViV Pods sacrifice flavor. The company tapped into its best-selling flavors and made them even more intense. The grape flavor conjures the exact taste of sweet grape bubblegum. And the Orange Mango ViV pod makes you feel like you’re at a resort in the tropics.

Here are the available flavors of the Juul-compatible ViV Pods:

  • Grape
  • Orange Mango
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Peach
  • Coffee
  • Peppermint

Vapor4Life’s shelves are stocked with hundreds of juice blends, but that peppermint ejuice has been the top-seller for almost 10 years, Vapor4Life reports.

If you want the best Juul-compatible pods that money can buy, browse the selection at Vapor4Life!

ViV Pods: The Juul-Compatible Pods You’ve Been Waiting For
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