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Big Data Design – Using Visual Techniques to Communicate


Charts, graphs, maps, and tables are among the many techniques used to communicate in big data. Experts have the option of choosing what suits the situation well. Sometimes, they have easier options to go for. However, many go for detailed designs with colors, integration of more than one technique, and detailed data for a reason; to give their presentation more meaning and clarity.

Taking this direction has many benefits both to the client and the larger audience. They range from simple ones to complicated designs that can only be understood by experts. If your organization handles big data more often, there is a lot that you need to know about the integration of design.

Simple Big Data Designs to Persuade Audience

Simple pie charts and graphs that have colors and data can persuade the audience on different issues during a presentation. Political matters, for instance, are sensitive and they will always lead people to the discussion. So, when making such a presentation, be sure to include how data is related and make a sensible conclusion. From this, the audience will be convinced to accept your data.

Good Design Eliminates Unnecessary Information

The essence to go the extra mile in the visual presentation is to present facts as clearly as possible. But as you will realize, charts and graphs cannot accommodate a lot of data. And this is where design comes in. Through the use of reliable experts found here, you can eliminate the unnecessary data in design and leave what is necessary for the audience to understand the concept in an easy way.

Triggering Response from Audience

A call to action approach is necessary during a visual data presentation. It triggers responses from the readers. However, the expert presenting data has to ensure that all facts are easily understood by the readers before they can respond. The call is for them to add inputs although criticizing is also accepted. According to experts, visual presentations with a call to action message are most likely going to make a big impact. That is why they have become very common these days.

Design Models Allows People to Do A lot by Themselves

Normally, experts do visual presentations that are beyond the usual, but models and templates allow people to prepare such presentations by themselves. With the advancement in technology, it is easy to find these models online. They are simple to use but the results are amazing and effective. The other good thing is that you can quickly know if the results are to the expectation or not. Furthermore, they will give reasons. So, these models are not only about design but also whether data is making sense or not.


Choosing the right design for your visual data presentation makes the difference between success and failure. Many data experts have confirmed that current designs are always very the best to consider because they are more detailed, yet they have simplified the input process. No wonder, people can use some of them by themselves.

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