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Using The Pomodoro Technique At Work?


The Pomodoro technique is one of the most effective work techniques that many people use nowadays to maximize their work capacity and quality. It is based on the Pomodoro clock used in kitchens to remind people when to take out their food from the oven.

Similarly, the technique is used to remind workers when to take a break and when to continue working. It is based on four 25-minute sessions followed by 5-minute breaks, except that the last break should be 15 minutes long.

People who make these 5-minute breaks often find it difficult to stop thinking about work, and they don’t really rest during that time. That’s why we have made a list of things that could help you maximize the effectiveness of your breaks. Read on!

Take a Quick Drink

Remember that the most important thing when you’re working is to stay hydrated, so taking a quick cup of tea or simply drinking a glass of water should be included in your break. If you can drink while you work, even better. However, some drinks need to be enjoyed properly, meaning no other distractions should get in your way — especially not your job. Therefore, make sure to prepare your beverage and drink it in peace and quiet, enjoying every sip along the way. Also, try to stay away from alcoholic beverages while you’re working!

Play Quick Video Games

There are many video games on the web that will capture your attention as soon as you start playing them. You can play various browser-based games, including some console classics such as Super Mario. Sites such as Vegas Casino offer casino games you can play only for a couple of minutes and even earn some money along the way. Finally, you can play multiplayer games such as chess or backgammon in the long run, focusing on one move per break.

Do a Stretching Exercise

If you are a sports person and you have a sedentary job, this is something you should do during every break. Even if you are not active, you should devote at least two pauses per day to a thorough 5-minute-long stretching exercise that will improve your blood flow. On the other hand, if you don’t have a sedentary job, this is not a necessary thing to do.

Clean Up Your Room/Office

Our environment is often unconsciously affecting our work capacity and quality. In other words, an untidy office or room (if you are a remote worker) can be distracting, especially if your work requires a lot of focus. Therefore, as soon as your Pomodoro clock signifies that it is time for a break, make sure to get on your feet and start cleaning up your immediate surroundings. Not only will that make your environment look great, but it will also make you feel good about yourself.

Clean Up Your Mind

One of the most effective methods to prepare yourself for the next round of work is meditation. Easier said than done, this type of relaxation requires a lot of practice. The sole point of meditation is to make your mind blank for a while, excluding not only negative thoughts but all thoughts in general. Master meditators can achieve that within seconds, and five-minute breaks are a perfect opportunity for them to recharge their batteries and continue working refreshed.

Sing a Song

The last suggestion may seem funny, but it is actually a very effective way to relax both our body and brain. The only parts of the body that will get tired are your throat and mouth, so if your job involves a lot of talking, maybe you should skip this suggestion.

In every other case, consider singing your favorite song but try not to disturb your colleagues along the way. Music is processed by special parts of our brain which automatically turn off other parts when activated. In other words, listening to music and singing can take your mind off work for a while, making you feel relaxed and refreshed.


To sum up, if you are a type of person who needs to take breaks every once in a while to increase productivity, the Pomodoro technique is perfect for you. The only thing required to make it as effective as possible is to fill the breaks with useful activities which can help you maximize your rest periods. Some of the ideas suggested above might be helpful!

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