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Using Local Targeting Tools And Geography-Based Ads On Social Media To Boost Business


If you’re active on social media with your brand, you need to use social ads for reaching local customers with a process called geo-targeting. It’s a tool that helps in targeting pivotal audience or demographics on the basis of a certain location.

You’ve social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help your promoted posts and ads reach a local traffic through IP address. These sites also offer some important extra targeting features to help you harness your local customers that have shared interests.

It starts with creating FB promoted posts and ads. The platform makes it easy to target your audience for a comparatively small amount of money, which helps in increasing your likes and accumulate mor click-throughs to your e-commerce website.

  • So, if you have a great FB post that promotes a service or product, and carries a link to your site, you need to market it to the right people.
  • As a FB business page administrator, you can easily bolster your post by tapping on the “boost post” button.
  • Specifying your geo-targeting requirements is crucial to reach your target audience by interests, age, and location.
  • First, you need to set a budget before choosing the post’s duration. Another method of geo-targeting is via promoted ads.
  • If you click the concerned “promote business’ button at the page’s top right, you can choose from a range of options, which includes post boost. It promotes your page and does much more.

On the functionality

On social channels such as Twitter and FB, the promoted ads and posts you send out, you can reach a following by locating IP address and recorded address. The latter includes the current city/state and street address they have listed. The social networks focus on this without you toiling a bit.

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While posting, you have numerous ways for segmenting that includes country, city, province, and zip code.

  • Starting with Facebook, you can geo-target on FB ads and promoted posts. You tailor them to your brand, increasing your page likes and website clicks.
  • For Twitter, you can also geo-targeted promoted accounts and tweets. If you’re looking for a simple and quick way for channelizing geo-targeting, check some of the content you post of FB.
  • If you’ve an interesting content with links to your profile or blog sans any engagement, this is where location-based posting and geo-targeting can come in handy.
  • The same caters to Instagram followers as well. You can circulate paid ads on the platform.

For local businesses

If you’ve a local pipe and PVC business, you can make use of FB ads. First, you need to get your structural elements in order. Before you start advertising, you need to have a minimum of three things ready for fast access.

  • You must set up your FB tools and calculate your customer’s lifetime value. Knowing it will help you form and create a budget-specific offer on FB. To find your customer’s basic LTV, you can use three formulas.
  • Find out the average sale per buyer in compliance with monthly frequency. Multiply it with 12 months. That will give you the annual customer value.
  • Multiple the value with 5 years and two referrals to find the lifetime value.
  • After determining your customers’ LTV, formulate a proper budget to promote it on FB via an organic post.
  • For example, an eatery could provide users an opportunity to win a 410-$150 gift card.
  • Marketing underlines a give and take concord. You offer something to your customers for free and they reply you.
  • If they accept your offer/request for their email address, you can send a throng of ads or messages to buy from you.
  • Creating your target and custom audiences is also important.
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Creating enough exposure

Both big and small brands use social media platforms for local advertising and exposure. It all starts with figuring out where your consumers are. Are you targeting women between 30-45, tends, or sports and fitness fans? You can safely conclude that Twitter and FB are the best places to start covering your bases, but you need to dive deeper from there.

There are geo-targeting tools that break down the some of the top social media platforms’ demographics, helping you focus on where your target audience is delving on. You can check out where both the sexes are hanging out.

  • For example, you own a cosmetic and beauty product store and have all types of DIY ideas and solutions to share.
  • Your consumers are 80% female. In that case, Pinerest and Instagram would be viable avenues to post and share your content. The former entails an image-based posting pattern and female demographics.
  • Planning a posting strategy is crucial. Consistency is pivotal on social media. Active profiles are testament to your commercial commitment.
  • Try to post regularly across your accounts every week. There are tools like HootSuite and Buffer for scheduling your posts each week.
  • You must also check frequently to field followers’ comments.

The rule of thumb is to properly respond to questions and comments within a 48-hour corridor. Judgement is an imperative while fielding or assessing negative posts.

On social media ads

Every major social network provides advertising options. You don’t need to use all of them. When making your ad placement, it’s also crucial to know which mediums are most popular and viable with your target audience.

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For example, Pinterest has far more female users than males. If you’ve a young crowd to target, you can find it on IG and Snapchat. Facebook designs its ads to help you achieve three crucial areas of campaign goals.

  • It helps you build brand awareness and enhance reach.
  • It’s great for consideration as you can send traffic to your portal or website, encourage video views or app installs, increase engagement, generate leads and posts, and encourage your followers to interact with on FB Messenger.

It’s a great tool for effectuating conversions. You can create a flurry of online conversions, create catalog sales, or generate foot traffic, driving them to offline stores. The same caters to audience considerations as well.

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