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How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number Verification


These days, WhatsApp is the very popular App for messaging in android Market. You can check there are billions of downloads in Google Play Store of this App. Using WhatsApp we can send and receive lots of messages to our relatives and friends. We can also create different groups for school friends, collages friends, and our relatives to chatting and share Content. By the use of WhatsApp, we can share Video, audio and images etc to our contact numbers. This App is commonly used by all the peoples even an old generation. Previously I wrote an article about How to share any type of file on WhatsApp and today I like to talk about How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number Verification, There are lots of Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp. Here is a Simple trick which helps you to learn How you can easily use WhatsApp without phone number verification or SIM.

If you are using WhatsApp with a number, then anyone can easily view your identity. But If you want to use WhatsApp without any identity, then you are in the right place. So Let’s get started to learn How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number Verification.

Steps to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number Verification

Step 1. First of all, you need to download WhatsApp in your Android SmartPhone and install It.

Step 2. If you are using WhatsApp from a long time then you need to delete your account from WhatsApp and download and install It again.

Step 3. After open the App first step is to enter your mobile number. But you don’t need to enter the mobile number at this time.

Step 4. Now In this trick, we are going to verify phone number with a different way. Here you need to Download Text+ App into your SmartPhone to verify the mobile number

Step 5. After launching this text + App into your mobile you need to open this App and go to settings >> contacts.

Step 6. In this App, you will get a Personal Number. Just Copy that Number in Clipboard.

Step 7. Now go to WhatsApp and Paste the Number into WhatsApp that you copied from Text+ App.

Step 8. After Click on the continue button into WhatsApp, you will get your verification code into the Text+ app.

Step 9. Get the code from Text+ App and verify your WhatsApp account. Congrats! Now your WhatsApp account is created without any Mobile number.

I hope you like this trick to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number and learn How to use WhatsApp without phone number verification. If you enjoyed this trick please share the article and If you are facing any problem regarding the topic please let us know in below comment section below.

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