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How To Use Technology to Make Your Home Smart


The technology at this day and age is developing at a high pace that is hard to keep up. If you buy some product that is top of the line, there is a possibility that the next year it will be outdated. Artificial intelligence is also a major factor for building our future and making use of technology more efficiently.

We use technology every day and the world would not be the same without it. Just because technology has become so advanced, people started using it in their homes in order to make daily routines easier.

Smart Homes are the new trend that everybody is aiming for, infusing your living area with latest technology gadgets such as cameras, smart sound, voice control, robotics (cleaning), wireless technology and much more.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular technology trends and learn how we can make our homes smart.


Home security is always a priority when it comes to using technology. Cameras at our home are available from a long time ago, but now you can access features which enable you to view the system remotely, better wide-angle high definition cameras and much more.

Camera doorbell is also a useful smart device which can be mounted on your front door. Whenever someone steps in front of the camera or rings the doorbell, it will send you notification on your phone alongside with live feed so you can see who is at your doorstep.

You can also add remote lock and unlock on your door through wireless, so you can unlock your door even if you are away from home.


Your home safety is also very important, especially when you are away from home. By using today’s technology, you can monitor every activity that goes into your house and prevents water leaks or fire.

You can use the Water Sensor Leak Detector by D-Link, which is designed to shut off the water when it detects pipe bursting or water leaks. This will become useful in preventing much bigger damage while you are away.

Fire is another threat that can put your place in danger. That is where a carbon monoxide detector Nest comes in handy. It can be programmed to activate some functions to extinguish the fire, or just alert you when it senses it.


Using wireless technology, you can control the temperature in your house whenever you want. The idea is to control cooling or heating even when you are not home. This option enables you to have a pleasant temperature at your home when you arrive at work.

These devices can be used even for more efficient energy use and saving money by monitoring the best time to turn on or off.


The idea is to swap all the regular lightbulbs with smart ones. This can cost you a bit more just because smart lightbulbs tend to be more expensive, but they can be programmed to do many different features. You can create vacation mode that will turn on lights at specific times while you are away in order to prevent burglary, smart night-lights, and dimming controls. All these features can be accessed remotely.

Cleaning and Washing

Automatic cleaning gadgets are very popular just because we live at such dynamic times and we need to use our time more efficiently. There are many devices designed to help you by maintaining your home nice and clean even when you are at work.

A robotic vacuum is the most popular choice among people, and it can vacuum your house even when you are not there. It has sensors to prevent it from smashing into objects and it can be accessed from your mobile device as well as voice control vie Alexa or Google.

Nowadays, you can even do the laundry before you get home. LG has developed a very smart washer, that is also a dryer. So, you will not have to waste time doing the laundry when you get home, it all can be done through Alexa, Google, or by an app on your mobile device.

This technology can be used for many things. The best thing is that all devices are now capable of communicating with one another using wireless technology and artificial intelligence. They can be used in combination, for example, if a postman arrives to deliver your package while are away from home, you can communicate with him through the camera doorbell telling him to leave the package in the trunk of your Tesla vehicle once you open it remotely.

Wireless technology and Artificial intelligence are a popular trend and it is not meant just for making your home smart. This technology is used in almost every industry in the world. The MLB is one example of how to use sport to favor fans, allowing fans to access details, statistics and baseball expert picks on their mobile phones and also implementing virtual reality.

All this technology is available today and it is designed to improve the quality of our lives, that is why we have to make use of it and wait for the next big innovation.

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