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Reasons To Use Your iPhone As Your Fax Machine


Smart devices are wonderful. They can entertain us as well as help us with everyday tasks. Another upside, or downside to some in the industry, is that some smart devices can actually take the place of some of modern day technologies older mechanisms.

iPhone As A Fax Machine

For example, did you know that your iPhone can be used as a fax machine with the help of the Fax Burner app? No? Well, maybe you should consider putting that old fax machine into storage. Here are 5 reasons to use your iPhone as your fax machine.

1. It’s More Cost Efficient

Think about going to your local library to use a fax machine, if you don’t own one. There are fees for the use and for the amount of paper used. If you do own a fax machine, you still have to pay for your own paper and ink. Not to mention, what happens when the fax machine breaks? Just think of all the money you will save in repairs by using a smartphone.

2. It’s Convenient

Most people today have a lot on their plates. Just imagine all the time you’ll save when you can send and receive faxes from just about anywhere. With a smartphone as your fax machine, this could be a reality. All you would need is an internet connection to send free faxes from your iPhone.

3. More Security

By using a smartphone as a fax machine instead of the actual machine, you’ll be giving your personal information a great security boost. Think about it. Physical fax machines have staff members using them all the time, so you wouldn’t really know when and who got any eyeful of your personal information. By using a smartphone or the smartphone app by email, that information is for your eyes only.

4. Organization

With apps like Fax Burner on your smart device, you’ll never lose a document again. Apps like this have great organizational tools to help you keep track of all the important stuff. Some of the apps even provide cloud storage for more storage space besides your email account. I don’t think a mere fax machine can do that.

Fax Machine

5. Digital Signature

Let’s face it. A lot of important things in our lives require us to give our signature. Unfortunately, this not always the safest way to go about these things. For some people, forging a signature is no problem.

With the use of a smartphone app, you are able to have your own customizable digital signature. This feature is wonderful because it greatly decreases the change of signature fraud. Therefore, it is also one less worry on your mind.

When all’s said and done, it is easy to see why a smartphone as a fax machine is preferable to the actual machine. The smartphone version will save you money, is available mostly anywhere, offers more security and organization, and even saves you from scammers. The only question left is will you be ditching your old fax machine? If the answer is yes, try the Fax Burner app.

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