How To Use The Full Facebook Site For Desktop From Your Phone

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Hey there! Noticed how we’re always on our smartphones, especially for browsing the web? Well, websites like Facebook have adapted by offering both mobile and desktop versions.

When you use Facebook on your phone, you’re likely to encounter its simpler, mobile version. This version is great for quick browsing but misses out on some of the cooler desktop features, like advanced menus and extra options.

Ever felt like something’s missing when you use Facebook on your phone? That’s because mobile sites are designed to be lighter and easier for your phone to handle. This means some familiar desktop features might be out of reach on mobile.

Sure, there’s a Facebook app that mimics the desktop experience. But sometimes, it just redirects you back to the mobile site. And don’t forget how it can drain your phone’s battery and memory!

Using Facebook through your phone’s browser can be a nifty way to save on resources, but it comes with limitations. For instance, you can’t use Messenger without downloading the app, and tweaking settings can be cumbersome.

If you’re feeling restricted by the mobile version, there’s good news! Switching to the desktop version on your Android or iPhone is easy, unlocking a world of features and functionalities.

Ready to explore how to switch to Facebook’s desktop version on your phone? Let’s get started!

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Mobile Browsers that Support Facebook Desktop

Wondering how to get Facebook’s full desktop version on your mobile browser? I’ve got you covered! Here’s a handy guide for using major browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Sadly, browsers like Firefox and Safari might not be as cooperative.

Chrome: Your Ticket to Facebook Desktop

  1. Open Chrome: Type in the address bar, hit the Enter key, and log into Facebook if you need to.
  2. Find the Menu: Click the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Go Desktop: Select ‘Desktop site’ from the menu. Facebook will start to transform, but we’re not done yet.
  4. Edit the URL: Click on the address bar, then the pencil icon, and change to Hit Enter again.
  5. Voilà: Facebook now appears in all its desktop glory!

Opera: A Smooth Ride to Desktop Mode

  1. Launch Opera: Log in to sync all your stuff if you want.
  2. Enter the Site: Type and hit Enter.
  3. Menu Time: Click the three dots, then choose ‘Desktop site’. It should turn blue when on.
  4. URL Tweaking: Change to in the address bar and hit Enter.
  5. Desktop Facebook: Enjoy Facebook with all its desktop features.

Microsoft Edge: The Desktop Pathway

  1. Open Edge: Log into your Microsoft account for syncing.
  2. Type in Facebook: Enter and press Enter.
  3. Menu Diving: Click the three dots and scroll to find ‘View desktop site’.
  4. Log In If Needed: The URL should be fine, but change it if necessary.
  5. Desktop Experience: Edge should now show Facebook’s desktop site.
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A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Logging In: If you’re not logged in, do so. You might see the mobile version initially, but don’t worry.
  • URL Adjustment: Make sure to remove the ‘m.’ in the URL and turn on the desktop option in your browser.
  • Staying in Desktop Mode: As long as you stay on the tab, it should remain in desktop mode. But if you go back or refresh, it might revert to mobile.
  • No Shortcuts: Sadly, adding /home.php at the end of the URL for a quick desktop view doesn’t work anymore. You have to set it up each time.

Now you can enjoy the full desktop version of Facebook right from your smartphone!

Wrapping Up: Navigating Facebook’s Desktop Version on Mobile

Alright, so we’ve explored some pretty handy ways to access Facebook’s desktop version on your phone. But, remember, Facebook can be a bit sneaky! Sometimes, it tries to nudge you back to using the mobile app. This might happen if you refresh the homepage or fiddle with certain settings. But don’t sweat it! You can easily switch back to the desktop version using the methods we just talked about.

A Few Last Things to Remember

  1. Facebook’s Little Tricks: Be aware that Facebook might redirect you to the mobile site under certain conditions.
  2. Easy Fixes: If you do get bumped back to the mobile version, just repeat the steps we discussed to get back to the desktop site.
  3. Tablet Version Curveball: On Android, you might sometimes end up with a tablet version of the site, which is like the mobile version but zoomed out. This happens when the browser requests a desktop version of
  4. The Solution: To fix this, just type again in your browser’s address bar, making sure the ‘Request desktop site’ option is still on. This should bring up the traditional desktop display.
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And that’s it! Now you’re all set to enjoy the full experience of Facebook’s desktop version, right from your smartphone. Happy browsing! 📱💻🌐

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