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Your Guide For The Unmanaged Internet


Choosing between unmanaged and managed hosting is the first step to finding the right hosting plan for your needs. Unless you’re searching for VPS or dedicated servers, you won’t come across the terms managed and unmanaged hosting that often. However, once you do, it is important to understand the crucial difference between them.

The difference is quite simple: managed hosting plans provide server management, while unmanaged packages don’t. But, how important is that for you as the user? To better understand these terms, think of management as support.

Managed hosting plans offer full support to the user, meaning the host will be there to take care of any problem or task that needs to be done on the server. On the other hand, unmanaged hosting plans don’t come with the same amount of support, which means you will have to do installations and fix software issues on your own.

Is Unmanaged Hosting the Right Choice for You?

Let’s face it, everyone would rather pay for unmanaged hosting plans because they are far cheaper when compared to the managed ones. However, choosing the cheaper plan doesn’t mean you will financially benefit from it if you’re not experienced enough to handle what such a hosting plan requires.

With no management, you will be the one responsible for taking care of all the tasks and possible issues on the server.

If you have the knowledge and experience to deal with these tasks on your own, then choosing an unmanaged plan is definitely the best option for you. However, if you get lost and need help while on an unmanaged plan, you’re going to need to seek for assistance from the host.

Most hosting services will help you come across any obstacles, but this assistance is charged on an hourly rate and it doesn’t come cheap.

Therefore, if you don’t think you can handle issues on your own, it is best that you opt for managed hosting packages and receive full support on the server. Managed plans require much less work and you don’t need to be as experienced to find your way around them.

However, keep in mind that they are significantly more expensive. On the other hand, if you are confident that you can cope with the server by yourself, feel free to take advantage of the more affordable unmanaged plans.

Find the Best Deals Hosting Deals at HostTheBest

Whether you’ve opted for a managed or an unmanaged hosting package, HostTheBest will have the right solution for you.

Founded in 2003, HostTheBest is an industry-leading service provider, focusing on providing reliable and secure hosting solutions. The company offers several flexible plans that will suit any business’ requirements, while you can even request plans to be customized to your needs.

Most importantly, HostTheBest offers unmatchable services available at affordable prices that hardly any company can beat. Furthermore, at HostTheBest you will be provided with quality support, as their support team is available 24/7 to ensure all requests are handled quickly.

The company also has a Migrations Team, which is a team of trained professionals ready to help you transfer your content and domains from other hosts onto the company’s servers.

As an award-winning hosting service provider, HostTheBest focuses on meeting the highest standards of hosting services, while specializing in virtual and dedicated server solutions. With all services running on a company-owned infrastructure and enterprise-grade networking, you can be sure that you will be given access to the fastest and most secure servers on the market.

With over 15 years of experience in providing Microsoft and Linux solutions, the HostTheBest team offers professional and timely support. The company provides both unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers, with each section featuring a range of flexible and affordable plans. The four unmanaged VPS plans range in prices from as little as 4.99$ to 16$ per month.

The plans differ in several features, with each package providing access to 24 cores. However, the most expensive package comes with daily backups rather than weekly ones, as well as 2 dedicated IP addresses instead of one.

On the other hand, the four dedicated server plans allow you to have full control over dedicated hardware instead of sharing a VPS between a number of clients. This will ensure the full speed of hardware but it comes at a higher price, ranging from 49.95$ to 99.95$. If you have any questions regarding service plans at HostTheBest, feel free to join their live support or submit a support ticket on their webpage.

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