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Unlock Android Forgotten Pattern Lock (3 Methods)


In Modern world, everyone wants to have maximum privacy in his/her smartphone, so maintain privacy we prefer Pattern Lock, PIN lock, Password or something other type of security check. Pattern lock is very important for those who have sensitive data or have personal files in their android devices.

Pattern lock is one of them which give most security to our smartphones in order to prevent unauthorized use of our Phone. But frustration occurs with your Android Smartphone when it is permanently locked. It may happen when someone wanted to check your phone and applied more attempts to unlock and then it got permanently locked.

So today, we will be showing our readers a useful way to unlock their Android pattern. If you are the person who is facing the same problem as we described above then you have come to the right place. Here we will suggest you the best method to get out of the problem. Here we have described all three methods to unlock Android Phone. Choose one which applies to your condition best.

1. Unlocking Android Pattern Lock with Gmail ID:-

This is the best method to recover your unlock your android phone without any lose. This method works when you already have signed in with any Gmail ID and have internet connection.

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If you have overused attempts then you will see a screen asking you “Forgot Pattern”.

In next screen you will be asked to enter your email and password.

Once you enter required details, your phone will get unlocked. I again say, you should have an active internet connection and the same registered email ID.

2. Unlocking Android Pattern Lock without registered email ID, active internet connection, or forgot email ID or password:-

Sometimes, we may not connected to internet or have email ID with us. Then this method will work for you.

Performing this method, you will lose all your data, and your phone will look like a new bought phone. This also works when you have bought old phone and want to remove everything from it.

Just follow the steps:-

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Now hold down these keys all together at the same time until the phone boots in secure mode.

“Volume up + Home Key + Power Button”

Your booting option may vary from these combinations.

  1. A screen will appear in DOS mode with many options.
  2. Use Volume up and down keys to scroll up and down respectively.
  3. An option would be there like “Reset all your data” “Restore factory settings” “Delete all your user data” or “Delete cache memory”.
  4. Press power button to say YES or confirm.

Your system will restart now and it’s all new. Congrats.

3. Resetting Android Pattern Lock without Google ID, Hard Reset, Internet, Root, without losing data:-

This condition arises when you don’t want to hard reset data, don’t want to lose data, or don’t have GoogleID. This is the best method from both above methods. This is the best method described above.

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Usually, we prefer to use Gmail account or to factory reset to unlock Android phone, but it ruin us as it cleans all our important data from our phone including documents, selected audios, videos, and all other data which can never be recovered. Losing data is one of ridiculous things one should try to avoid. Just Follow the steps:-

Note:- One thing you need to know is to download the Aroma File Manager from Download Aroma File Manager.

  1. Move the downloaded software to your Memory card to root memory. Insert the Memory in your phone.
  2. Reboot into recovery.
  3. Open your stock recovery and different device have their own way of entering stock recovery, so I advise you to Google it along with your android device name.
  4. In stock recovery, there’s no option to mount partitions. So, Directly Flash Aroma File Manager.
  5. Click Menu Options, Go to Settings>>Select Mount All Partitions.
  6. You can see all the partitions are mounted.
  7. Go to /data/system
  8. If you want to remove pattern lock, long press and delete gesture.key
  9. If you want to remove password, long press and delete password.key
  10. Exit Aroma File Manager.
  11. Reboot and enjoy.

That’s all. Let me know your thoughts.

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