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Unique Tech Skills That Should Be Reflected In Your Resume


For many specialists professionally involved in the sphere of IT, it can be hard to make your resume stand out among the others. Besides having some impressive background experience of working and studying, you can also develop some of the most unique and useful tech skills to put on your resume. Regardless of whether your work is related to the customers directly or simply to other employees, there are some fantastic and easy-to-develop skills that you can use to differentiate yourself from other professionals. You can always turn to a service like CraftResumes to make your application look perfect, or you can learn some new skills. To help you with the latter, we have created this list of unique tech skills that you totally should mention in your resume.

#1 Data Collection and Analysis

As we all know, there is more technology used in the workspace now than ever before, and this means that there is a lot of data to collect, analyze, and interpret. If you were looking to expand your expertise and become a specialist in high demand, be sure to check out all of the learning and training opportunities for the skill. On the contrary, if you have already got some experience in data processing, be sure to mention it in your resume. Even if you haven’t had any practical experience in data collection and analysis, mention some courses you may have taken.

#2 Social Media

Nowadays, the skill of social media management is a useful addition to any resume. Regardless of which company you work for, many employers are not too eager to hire a person to take care of social media separately. Because of this, getting some experience in the field will be a huge plus and will make you stand out among other applicants. The easiest way to get such skill and experience on your resume is by taking an internship as a Social Media Manager. However, remember to only mention professional use of the platforms in your resume. Nobody really cares about how cute your Instagram stories are, sorry.

#3 Industry-Specific Software

First of all, yes, your resume wouldn’t look complete if you don’t mention the skills of using common computer software. Although it often gets overlooked, the skills of knowing how to use basic software is usually incredibly useful for any employee, especially if you’re occupying a managerial position. Additionally, it would be valuable to master some of the industry-specific software to make yourself stand out among the other applicants. To become a specialist (even if you only know some basics), you can simply go online and check out either paid or free-to-use courses. Believe us, this extra point in the “Skills” section has already done wonders for many people.

#4 Content Management

Being a good specialist nowadays often means that you have the skills that are needed to improve and maintain a company’s public image. The best way of doing so is being a good content manager, even if you don’t have any impressive background in the sphere. Managing a website doesn’t require you to spend weeks upon weeks upon weeks learning a programming language. However, if you spend some of your free time learning the basics of HTML or CSS, you will be able to conduct a more thorough and advanced project manager, which will surely impress your potential employer.

#5 SEO

Nowadays, every company knows it needs to use SEO tools to stand out among the competitors, but not every company knows how to do that correctly. For many small businesses, it is too costly to employ an individual (or an entire department) to take care of their SEO needs, which is why they often seek for professionals who are able to kill two birds with one stone and be part-time SEO specialists in addition to their main specialization. Now, you don’t have to believe those people online who tell you that you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to take a course and know all of the SEO-related secrets. A few cheap (and often free) courses will be enough for you to learn the basics, and then you can continue your education if you’re interested in the sphere.

#6 Technical Writing

Regardless of how many impressive skills you think you may already have on your resume, there’s always room for one more, and technical writing should definitely be one of your first options. If you apply for a position in an IT company, regardless of whether or not your job will actually be related to programming, you may want to impress the recruiter with your technical writing skills, especially if you’re going to be a manager. In such a case, you will often have to create detailed instructions for your team and reports for upper management. To do so, you only need strong writing skills and the ability to communicate any complex technical information specific to your industry.

Technical Writing

When it comes to improving your potential as a specialist in the sphere of IT, there are several skills that you should definitely consider mastering and putting on your resume. Regardless of what your job and specialization are, it never hurts to have some extra tech tricks up your sleeve. All in all, we hope that this article could help you make sense of which skills to focus on before sending out your next job application.

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