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Understanding the Fundamentals of Information Technology


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An Introduction to IT

Information technology is the application or use of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a large scale. An IT department is more important than you may think and plays a crucial role in keeping many businesses running, especially in today’s times when technology and digital marketing is so rampant.

Pillars of the IT Department

  • IT Governance: Refers to the combination of policies and processes which ensure that IT systems have a smooth run and are aligned in accordance to the expectations set by the organization.
  • IT Operations: The professional terminology for daily tasks carried out by an IT department, such as providing tech support, network maintenance, security testing and device management duties.
  • Hardware and Infrastructure: This pillar involves all the physical components of IT departments. It includes the setup as well as maintenance of physical equipment like routers, servers, phone systems and individual devices like computers, laptops, Ipads or phones.

Characteristics IT Recruiters are Looking For

Some standard characteristics employers look for in their potential candidates are strong social skills. This is because a lot of IT includes communication with customers in order to help executives develop sophisticated technological solutions to troubleshoot a network issue. They need human compassion and understanding so that they can help their clients in a calm and composed manner.

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Also, having a happy-go-lucky, driven and positive attitude with a passion for IT as well as staying up to date on the latest technology advancements makes the entire process much easier going and better for business for both the client as well as the representative.

Reasons why IT Consultancy is Important

  • Data Overload- Every business needs to process enormous amounts of data, and this is often not easy to cover by human labor. A larger power of processing is required, and this makes analysis quicker and easier, as well as more accurate.
  • Working From Home- More remote job opportunities can be offered thanks to the power of IT consultancy services. Wireless hotspots, roaming ability and wi-fi allow this to be possible.
  • Cloud Services- These days, a lot of businesses have transferred their data to third party hosting platforms who maintain it like the Cloud.
  • Bandwidth for Video Calls- With everything from Facetime to work and university meetings, network bandwidth has become a very essential tool to make it work.
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