Understanding the Different Types of Business Developers

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understanding different types of business developers

As businesses incorporate more online and technology experiences for their customers, the demand for developers increases. When you have software, a cloud-based platform or a website that needs development, it can be confusing to determine what type of developer you should hire, as there are many. Here are the various types of developers and what they can do for your business.

Software, Web, and Mobile

If you are a technology company or simply adopting technology, many developers are available for your business. You can choose a developer specializing in any of these areas, depending on what you want to create.

Software developers, in general, create design and create software based on what people need. This broad category encompasses other types of developers with specific specializations. If you want to develop apps that people can use on their desktop, laptop or mobile devices, software developers can help.

Web developers are software developers specializing in creating websites or web apps. They do not only cover the interface or appearance but also in developing the website’s performance and its traffic capacity. These are all important for most businesses as people primarily seek company websites to find information, check out services, or even purchase products online.

Also among software developers are mobile developers. They specialize in designing and developing apps for mobile devices, specifically mobile phones powered by Android, IOS, and other operating systems.

Software, web and mobile development may require different considerations and specifications for the developer. JavaScript may be the most commonly used programming language nowadays, but developers also master and use other languages, like HTML, CSS, and React for the web and Kotlin and Swift for mobile.


Front-end developers focus on the client-side of software or websites. They deal more with the user interface, such as visuals and aesthetics. It requires an understanding of human-machine interaction and design principles more than computer science theory.

The front-end developer is high level and works to link the functions of your software with the behaviors and interests of your user. What people see on a website or app and what they interact with is programmed by front-end developers.

There are front-end developers specializing in certain sub-categories based on the frameworks they use. React and Vue are some of the most common frameworks used by front-end developers to create a responsive website or app UI.

But if you want to ensure cross-platform functionality, where your apps can work smoothly on the web or on desktop and mobile, consider hiring Angular developers. These developers specialize in the Angular framework and can help ensure that your desktop or web app and its mobile version deliver the same optimum performance.


The back-end is the nuts and bolts of software. They work on design, implementation, functional core logic, performance, and scalability. A website or app processes and stores data because of the back-end, which comprises the app itself, its server and a database. Back-end developers are responsible for building and maintaining all three components so the user-facing side will work.

Back-end developers are essential in ensuring the software performs and has the features you need it to include. They use different tools, including server-side languages such as PHP, Python, Java, and .NET to build an app. They also utilize a relational database management system like MySQL and Oracle to save, retrieve, change and map data and serve it in the front-end.

For a website or mobile app to run smoothly, its database and server should be well-maintained and respond to commands input via the front-end. Even the best user interface with the greatest design will be rendered useless without the back-end.

Full Stack

Full-stack developers are both back-end and front-end developers. They are knowledgeable in every level of the “tech stack.” They have back-end skills and can set up and configure servers and write server-side code, while they can also code for client-side and design user interfaces.

A business may need separate back-end and front-end developers for specific reasons. Sometimes it is for better scalability and modularity. It can also be more cost-effective to only have either a front or back-end developer if that is where specific changes need to be made to your platform. However, a High5 full stack developer will make more sense if you need to make or change both back and front-end capabilities.

CRM Developer

CRM or customer relationship management software handles all customer interactions and organizes data collected about the customers. This is useful for data analytics and better targeting the audience in marketing efforts. A CRM system brings a lot of benefits that can help a business deliver services better and optimize operation.

If you aim to set up a complete and functional customer management platform for your business, there are software developers that specialize in configuring CRMs. They can help you build functions that will meet your business needs.

An off-the-shelf CRM will not always cover everything you need to serve clients. A CRM developer can help build and maintain your CRM by customizing functions that will work for you, your business and your customers. They identify the pain points of a business and can come up with a solution that will be integrated into the CRM. They connect your team with your customers to ensure both parties’ needs are being considered.

Security Developer

Security software is software for your software. It tests to see if the software is safe and addresses any potential liabilities in another software that exists. They build computer programs focused on safeguarding software and data. They also help develop software that can detect, avoid and resolve cyberattacks and breaches and address cybersecurity risks.

As regulations are imposed for companies to ensure their customers that their data is safe, there is an increasing demand for security developers. Security software is also especially important for businesses that work with financial, health or other sensitive information that needs to stay secure.

Choose the Right Developer for Your Business

Nowadays, most businesses rely on technology to design, create and deliver products and services to customers. In turn, consumers demand a responsive software, website, or app that works fast and smoothly for them to enjoy what your business offers. Determine what aspect of your product or operation you want to improve and choose the right developer to help you turn your ideas into reality.

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