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Ultimate Vladimir Healing Guide – League of Legends


It may be difficult to task to lead your League of Legends character to a complete victory. The best thing that can assist you is a guide or better said all the items and spells and skills you do need. Thanks to League of Counters, we now can help you with Vladimir healing guide. Below you will see all the main items and elements you need for this specific build.

First, start items you need

These items are the first you do need and they can assist you by helping you during the first levels and they can help you develop a stronger character in no time. There is no need to add the fact they are mandatory.

Health potion

Health Potion is the first item and extremely important. You can have only 5 at the same time. Each one restores the health of your hero by 150 during a 5-seconds time frame. Now you can see why it is so important.

Doran’s Shield

It is a passive item you also do need among the first items in the game. What it does is restores 6 health points each 5 seconds. But, it also shields you from minions and simple, more basic attacks and increases your damage hit by +5.


Additional build items you do need

Here is the section of all the healing-related items your character needs while playing the game. They are powerful, effective and they are must-have, period. We will list them according to the levels when you need each one. Let’s start with the second back and move to more complex items and more needed ones.

  1. Hextech Protobelt-01- As you can assume this item is necessary. What it gives you are 60 ability power and 10% cool down decreased speed. But, more importantly, is the fact it also comes with 300 health which is the main story we have here.
  2. Liandry’s Torment- Here we have another, powerful item that will give you 75 ability power increases and at the same time, it will provide you with 300 healths.
  3. Morellonomicon- This has been the favorite item for a million of gamers all around the globe. What it offers are 300 health points which we will need and also 70+ ability power which is more than just needed.
  4. Spirit Visage A simple item that comes with 450 healths. It is available in higher levels. Besides the health, the item also provides you with 55 magic resistance, 100% base regeneration and also decreases the cool down period by 10%.
  5. Abyssal Mask- The item provides you with 10% cool down decreasing, 55 magic resistances and also 300 mana. It is another item reserved for higher levels. More importantly, it gives you 350 health which is essential.
  6. Shurelya’s Reverie- Here, we have an item that offers 300 healths. It is also packed with 10% cool down reduction, 100% base health regeneration and 100% mana regeneration (base). It is also a unique passive powered which suggests that all players get +10% speeds in healing and shielding to form the attacks.
  7. Elixir or Iron- A simple name for a simple item. Players get 300 health, 25% increase and also 25% tenancy. The buff lasts 3 minutes.


There is no need to add that these are all the healing guide items you need for the character in question and you can start having each one of them right now. Make sure to use them according to the order we presented you here with and also make sure to use as many of them as possible.

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