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UK App Developers To Watch Out For In 2022


Apps have become more important than ever in the quest for modernization and business development. A variety of app markets from Apple to Android make navigating the app market more complex than ever, and rapidly changing technologies combined with requests for more and more interface between apps has created a need for talented, savvy app developers.

Patricia Hall from states that having a developed mobile presence is more pertinent than ever in the current business market. Some companies have risen above in their offer of quality and innovation. Here is an overview of the top UK companies providing high level user-friendly apps to look out for in 2019.

Hedgehog Lab

Founded in 2007, the app developing collection has grown to over 200 employees. This London-based company has a hefty project minimum of $50,000, but the price tag is well worth it; the company has won multiple awards for their creativity in iPhone and iPad designs, including Small/Medium Business of the Year for 2016, and Best App Startup of 2015 from the Newcastle Business Awards. They are particularly notable for their professionalism and proactive approach.


This app company is also based out of London, and despite its smaller size of around 50 developers, it boasts some impressive products. The enterprise’s deep understanding of Bluetooth technology and application of blockchain landed them the award of Top UK App Developer for 2017. Some of their top clients include Verizon, Barney’s, and Harvard University.


The strength of Magora lies in its ability to completely personalize its product for each of its clients. At just $10,000 project minimum, their team develops B2B and B2C apps with completely original software and interfaces. Clutch named them one of the Top Mobile App Developers, and their past projects have included product for Danone and Toyota.

3- Sided Cube

This company’s location on the seaside resort town of Bournemouth is deceptive; the development enterprise has had tremendous success since its inception in 2009. They have developed apps with over 8 million downloads, and the small team of just over ten employees is consistently lauded for the functionality of their products. They offer start to finish services, including web and wearable app development, and have received awards both within the UK and in Europe.


Rantmedia holds the title of one of the oldest app developers on the market, founded in 2002 in Cardiff. The agency focuses solely on mobile app development and UX/UI design in order to ensure a top quality product, and they have created 90+ mobile apps for both IOS and Android, landing them multiple BAFTA awards.


Last but not least, Waracle takes its place on the app development market as a leader in efficiency and simplicity. The company was founded in 2004 and focuses on Internet of Things evolution and app optimization. While they are headquartered in Dundee, Scotland, the company holds offices in London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

These are just some of the developers which lead the current app creation space. They specialize in personal coding, high design online brands, a to z services, and both back and front end development to cater to any and all of a business’s potential needs.

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