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5 UI Trends That Will Dominate In 2021


The evolution of the UI trends is something that comes entirely organic in the web design world. As humans, we tend to change our preferences constantly but above all, we get bored by the same visual elements quite easy hence the progression towards 3D aesthetics and video in the last couple of years.

If we witnessed minimalistic UI and simple designs in the past based on the current trends, we can say that the future is quite colorful and complex. Platforms and websites to make your own blog for free or even for certain fee are not enough, you would have to arrange a web designer to build heterogeneous animations and unique design to stand out among the others.

We’ve compiled a list of five UI trends that will dominate in 2021.

#1 Full-scale background images

This trend started slowly in the last couple of years but it’s finally taking over the UI world in 2021. Colorful, full-screen background images that evoke emotional reactions are a must these days. The full-screen background gives one of a kind UI experience and the opportunity to be creative. It’s not just static images you can add videos, 3D elements and rendered visualizations.

#2 Increased Readability

The concept of increased readability includes all the elements of the website, not just the logo, the brand name and the call to action buttons. In the past, only core elements were getting that special attention on the website, today every little detail matter.

This trend will be translated into a careful usage of fonts and font combinations for all the interfaces. Simple and readable fonts will dominate instead of artistic and funky ones.

#3 Fun transitions

Motion design, animation and scrolling between screens will be huge in 2021. We all will be chasing that organic feel and natural transitions between elements on a website.

Everything that looks smoother and more natural will be greatly apricated and successful on the market. Grace between transitions, especially on mobile devices, will be highly requested.

#4 Art and abstract

Artistic elements provoke emotional reactions among people, therefore, websites that include art will have a better response rate and will be successful. Even though the functionality is the foundation of the UI, yet web designers need to know how to implement enough psychology and art into the elements to engage the target audience. Art and creativity give energy and are great boosters of optimism and the good feels.

#5 Color experiments and 3D animations

Knowledge about color pallets will be extremely important in 2021. The right combination can change the whole look and feel of the web page and improve conversion in the end.

It really depends what your long-term goal is, however, people in 2021 will apricated more out of this world combinations and unusual color blends.

3D animations will also be the major driver of engagement and traffic. There is no better way to tell a story than to make it realistic and fun. With 3D configurator, you will be able to provide a realistic story about your brand and products on your website.

We tend to learn better with color and interaction, and therefore, by experimenting with color, you will get higher brand awareness for your business and the website overall.

Along with the increased usage of AI and VR gadgets and 3D animations, the landscape of the web design world is changing in the same direction. However, the true reason behind the current trends is the short attention span of people. The blame is partly on us and partly on the clutter of ads and website material we get exposed on a daily basis. It’s hard to wow your audience all the time, but experiments with color and visual content can help you get a better response.

Combining all of the trends above into one website is simply not possible. Understanding what works best for your website and how to implement innovation that still will be in line with your style is the ultimate solution.

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