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Two Ways To Trim Your TikTok Video And Edit The Video


TikTok app allows users to create entertaining videos to share with friends and family or the general public. The videos are, however, short, taking one second to one minute. One requires to trim and make a unique and complete video. TikTok video/content creators are discouraged from creating different videos to pass the message but can fix all your information in one video.  Followers or viewers would prefer to watch one rather than half contents. Remember, the audience determines the TikTok fame you create for your account.  The majority of TikTokers buy tiktok followers to increase popularity, but if you can’t produce quality and trim to what best fits the timing. The video won’t gain traction lowering your favor on the site.

How to trim a TikTok video?

    • First, record your TikTok video once it gets to the time limit or time you need now to stop recording. Press the red checkmark option on the page.
    • Next, click the icon “adjust clips” on top of the page.
    • Now a bar will show on the screen, now use the red slider features on the page’s sides. The options help start and end time of the clip, now you can click the save button.
  • Proceed to tap “next” and then choose your posting choices. Now select the tab “post” or “drafts” and save the file.

How to trim a TikTok video from the user’s phone library?

    • Users need to open the TikTok app from their devices, tap the plus icon on the page to proceed.
    • Next, click the option “upload” get the video you wish to add from the phone and select “next.”
    • The page has red sliders at the bottom. Use the sliders to change the start and end time of the video and click next.
  • You can add any effects or music to the video, then post or save the video to your phone’s gallery. 
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How to reverse a TikTok video after recording to allow it to run backward

TikTok videos come in different varieties where some are complex, and others use essential features. The app allows users to use customized video tools to create content.  You can now reverse a TikTok video using the set features for video shooting on the app. The reverse effect is unique and helps the video run backward. The idea is fun and unique for users and viewers to watch. To boost your engagement rate flawlessly, you can buy TikTok likes and stand out from the crowd.

How to reverse a TikTok video?

  • Login to your TikTok account on your smart device and enter the account details.
  • Next, click the plus button at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, press and hold the red button to commence the recording sessions of the video. Once done again, click the red checkmark to complete the recording.
  • Now tap the effects displayed at the bottom of the screen (a clock icon)
  • On the list of options, now click the button “time.”
  • Continue and click “reverse” the page will show you a preview of the new reversed video on the page.
  • Once you observe and like the effect, now select the save button at the right top corner.
  • Now tap Done when you’re finished making the effects. Post or share the video on your TikTok account.

The reverse effect is fun and gives a creative impression for viewers and users. TikTok provides all the tools and effects required to make quality and exclusive videos.  Use the effects as you record the videos and make changes or edit the video before posting. Note your video is visible to public or private viewers according to your account settings.

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