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How To Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer


There is no doubt that the iPhone has all the stunning features that makes it not only good in the outlook as well as in the field of technology. However, the awesomeness of the amazing iPhone is limited as the gadget lack the connectivity feature with another device.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer / Mac / Laptop:

Although, it has the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it lacks the direct USB connection with desktop and laptops. Hence, there is trouble transferring the photos from the iPhone to the desktop. Now, it is not simple to say that the iPhone has all the major feature of the awesomeness, but it lacks the connectivity to the common desktop and laptop systems. But, if the user really wants to transfer the snaps from the iPhone to the PC, which trick it must use for this?

The only trick that will work is the iCloud which is in direct contact with the iPhone as well as the PCs in the form of the cloud storage service from the Apple Company. But, this trick is limited to the Mac laptops that are not able to afford the heavy iTunes software for the sync of the data between the Apple devices. On the Mac PCs, the iTunes works in flow, without any technical glitches. Hence, it is very easy for the user to sync the data from the iPhone to the Mac PC.

But, what if the user does not have the Mac PC? There are many user of the iPhone, mainly the iPhone 5 series that are habitual of using the windows PC for the smooth flow of work. Fortunately, the experts describe the special trick which is simple to be applied for the transfer of the data from the Windows PC to the iPhone, and Vice Versa.

For this, you need to have the Widows Gallery to view the images in the system. If not, just get it as it will work fine in the Windows to iPhone Transfer of snaps. Open the Gallery and connect the iPhone to the PC suing the official cable give with it. Make sure that the system detects the new USB device, although it does not have the correct driver for transfer of the data.

Click on the ‘Import’ option in the Gallery and choose the iPhone device from the dialog box that comes next. Click on next and it will show the fields for setting the destination folder and other attributes. Just fill he required fields and click on ‘OK’.

Next, chose the apt option for keeping the grouping configuration of the snaps. Click on ‘Next’ and then on ‘finish’. The importing of he snaps from the iPhone will start and will be done within a few seconds depending upon the size of import files. Finally, you will get the snaps from the camera roll on the iPhone to the PC you are working on.

This will transfer the snaps from the iPhone to the desktop or laptop having the windows operating system. If you want to transfer the snaps from the desktop to the iPhone, the similar procedure will be applied but in the reverse order. However, this whole procedure will be made very easy in case the user installs the iTunes on the computer or laptop. iTunes is the official software from the Apple and is compatible with windows as well as Mac PCs. Thus, there are two major ways in which you can transfer the snaps from the iPhone to the computer system.

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